Much like Naiya I am seriously pissed.

It seems our schools have forgotten a few facts about 9/11. When my twelve year old walked up to me and explained that her teacher said the planes that entered the wtc was an “accident” the whole day was a bad accident.

No. Conspiracy theories do not apply here. If you plan to @ me with one please save the time and fuck off. I was at ground zero digging through the rubble. I drove passed the pentagon on my way back to florida where I was stationed. Do not ever tell me it was an accident or it didn’t really happen. I am haunted every year with the memories of what I saw.

I have never shielded my kids from what happened that day. I was stationed on an air force base and my husband was at stationed at Pearl Harbor. We both had completely different experiences but we both agreed not to let our kids not know what happened, we both saw this revised history a few times in different school systems and now I am just pissed. It is akin to saying Pearl Harbor didn’t happen. I say that but I actually had to inform a TEACHER that pearl harbor was not in California. She actually believed this. I walked away from that with a serious headache. I started to question the school then and now I have to question everything when my kids come home from school.

So I leave you with this. 18 years ago today 3000+ people sat with their families for the last time. 18 years ago tomorrow morning the entire US was reeling and we came together as one in mourning. It was a horrible day to be alive but we stood united for awhile. Never forget.

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