Lessons Learned ch 11

As promised I wrote this up this morning in between the teens and tween leaving and the horrible task of waking up the boy child.

Noelle and Mitsuhide fell into a
comfortable routine over the next few weeks as they cleared out a room in his
house to use for the base of the new business. Noelle received her diaploma on
the third week after the hellish week of finals. She was now working full time
as his TA while she was ordering things and getting the paperwork and insurance
for the business set up.

Mitsuhide couldn’t complain about
anything in his life currently. He was content to watch over her everyday and then
again at night to make sure that she was not over doing it. The other
professors in the building had noticed the change in him and commented on it
almost daily. Everyone else had noticed the growing size of his TA and they
started to put together that she was his partner but the how’s and why’s were
never answered.

After one staff meeting Hideyoshi
caught up to him. “Why did you tell us your signanifcate other was your TA?”

“Why ever would that matter?”
Mitsuhide asked.

“Well she is showing now so when
exactly did you two hook up? It had to be before the semester started but you
seemed so indifferent to her in the beginning.” Hideyoshi asked, “Or was that
part of your plan?”

“I was never indifferent to her.”
Mitsuhide replied with a smirk. “Hideyoshi don’t look into it to much. Noelle
and I are two adults and we decided to try to have a normal relationship for
once. I love her and she me, though I have no idea why.”

“Well you have money, my friend.”
Hideyoshi replied.

“And you think she is a gold digger?”
Mitsuhide snidedly asked. He then laughed as he remembered the conversation on
the first time he took her out to dinner what seemed so long ago. “She is not. Furthermore
she is carrying my child there, I would watch what you say.”

“Come on Mitsuhide think about it
clearly. I mean an very pretty young woman seemingly falls for a professor in
her last semester. What better way to trp him then to get pregnant?” Hideyoshi asked.

“Or you could ask a seemingly
beautiful intelligent woman managed to stir a professors mind and body and he went
after the one thing he wanted in years.” Mitsuhide said as he smiled, “Either
way Hideyoshi she was never my student and she is an adult so no lines were
crossed professionally or legally. In a couple of months our son will be here and
to be honest none of that concerns you. Now you will excuse me as my very
pregnant TA who happens to be the love of my life is waiting for me.”

“Akechi just be careful.” Hideyoshi
called out.

Mitsuhide just mumbled under his
breath, “Your being careful will only lead you to be alone if you question
every detail of other peoples lives, asshat.”

He walked to his office building and
made his way up the stairs to hear a female seem to yell from the middle of his
hallway. He walked down the corrider and saw his door was propped open. He rounded
the corner and saw a student in the office with Noelle who looked up with
relief as she saw him. she moved around the desk to place herself behind him.
The student had wide eyes and looked almost deranged as she met his eyes.

“Do you remember me, Professor?” she
asked though the words were forced.

“Of course I do Miss. Thompson.” He replied.

“Did you forget what we had so quickly
that you moved on to her?” the young woman screamed.

“Miss. Thompson I am truly sorry but I
have no idea what you are talking bout.” He replied clearly confused. As
another young woman walked into the room.

“I am sorry Professor. It seems she
went off her medication again and is slightly delusional. She had a slight
crush on you while she took your class.” The other young woman said softly. “It
seems she is having a slight break from reality and when she heard that you
were having a child with your TA she broke completely.”

“How the hell did everyone find out?”
Mitsuhide asked and Noelle shrugged her shoulders. She shook her head as well
as she went to step around Mitsuhide to say something to the other woman but he
forced her back behind him. “No, Noelle. You do not give her the chance to hurt
you or him.”

“Mitsuhide I wanted to say something. I
am not a child you know.” She said.

“God I know that already. Someone in a
dissossitive state like this could easily throw or do something to seriously hurt
you. I will never allow you to place yourself in that danger, let alone place
him in that danger.” He said softly as he looked at her.

The other two women in the room were
quiet now as one was talking softly to the other. She was calming the other
down to the point it seemed she snapped back into place and saw where she was. Her
face completely changed and so did her voice. “Oh my god. What did I do?” she
asked as she stood up.

“Miss Thompson I believe you need to
go have yourself evaluated and you also need to stay away from this building.We
will not press charges today if you do that.” Noelle replied.

“Oh my god, did I hurt you?” Miss Thompson
asked as she looked over Noelle.

“No. you did not. But you need to be
seen by someone and you need to keep up with your medication. Neither of us
will remember this incident though if you do those things.” Noelle said softly
as the other woman helped lead Miss Thompson out of the building.

“You handled that surprisingly well.”
Mitsuhdie said as he touched her stomach and pulled her closer.

“Mitsuhide I can handle myself without
you getting in the way.” She said with a chuckle. “The simple fact is I understand
her problem. Well both of her problems to be honest. I wouldn’t want to see you
with any one else either. Her other issue well that isn’t her fault either.”

“I will always stand in front of you
and will get in the way.” He said softly as he lowered his forehead to hers. “You
are simple to important to me for me not to protect you.”

“I understand the reasoning but know
that I can also take care of myself.” She said softly.

“I will try.” He whispered on her lips
as he kissed her slowly and softly. “I just love you to much Noelle to let
something happen to you.”

“I know that.” She said, “But do you
think I want you to get hurt?”

“Instead of having this conversation mouse
don’t we have to get ready for an appointment?” he asked.

“Really?” she said with a smile.

“Well we do have an appointment in an
hour.” He replied.

“I know we do.” She said as she
absentlymindedly rubbed her abdomen. The baby had been quiet most of the day.

“We are getting ready to bein the last
part of just us, you know.” He said as he placed his hand there. “He needs a
name sweetheart.”

“I know.” She said softly.

“I didn’t want to bring it up again
after you got mad at me the last time, but I found one I like.” He said.

“I didn’t get mad at you but you were
picking weird names Mitsuhide.” She said with a laugh. “What is this one?”

“Maximus.” He said.

“Maximus huh?’ she said as she thought
about it. “Maximus Akechi.”

“What?” he asked as a look passed over
her face.

“I like it.” She replied.

“You do?” he asked.

“You seemed surprised.” She laughed.

“You haven’t liked any name I suggested.”
He chuckled.

“Maximus. It has a certain ring to it.
Maximus Nathanial Akechi.” She said.

“Noelle that sounds perfect.” He said
with a grin forming on his face.

“I like it. I think we found the
aliens name Mitsuhide.” She said.

“Now you need to agree to become an
Akechi as well.” Mitsuhide said.

“We talked about that already.” She said.

“I am not going to relent until you do
agree to become my wife, Noelle.” He said. “I told you I don’t care if it is
before the baby comes or after but I want you at least agree.”

“Mitsu.” She said with a huff.

“Please Noelle.” He asked. “I want my
family to be complete”

“So if we aren’t married or engaged we
aren’t complete?” she asked.

“You know what I mean.” He said. “When
he is born I don’t want to see the name Hanson on anything. I want him to
always be an Akechi. He is my son as well as yours.”

“I see your point. They did go over
that at the last appointment that no matter what he will be born with my name
not yours. I have to think about this Mitsu. I mean you are changing his life
for sure but also mine.” She said.

“Mouse you know I love you.” He said
as he looked at her.

“I know. I love you as well.” She said
with a smile. “I never doubted that Mitsuhide. You have to understand I haven’t
had the best examples of how a good marriage should work. The idea somewhat
scares me.”

“I understand. Just know Mouse it is whatever we
make of it. We haven’t followed any pattern to date. We will make our own way.”
Mitsuhide said as he turned the ring he gave to her on her hand. She wore it
openly and knew it was an engagement ring though she had not said yes yet. He knew
he would wear her down sometime in the near future.

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