All right y’all. I’m PISSED

So take a few hot minutes and grab some tea or hell grab a beer cause we’re going to talk about some real shit here. And here’s the thing, ain’t a got damned thing we can do about it because it’s the law… It doesn’t mean it’s not fucked up.

So here’s the deal. It’s no big secret that I work at a clinic. It’s also no big secret that my clinic treats what some would call a “niche demographic”. We look for our people: geeky/nerdy/different folks. It’s who we are. It’s who we click with. IT’S PURE COINCIDENCE that a large section of that demographic *also* happens to be LGBTQIA/pagan/poly/fat positive folks. We’re not talking 100% but a good chunk.

Here’s my problem: I am finding more and more providers who have taken the hippocratic oath, who have SWORN to “first do no harm” and “while in a house to use my skills and knowledge to heal and help” who are ACTIVELY REFUSEING patients because they are trans.

This pisses me off. Doctors are refusing to treat patients for ANY medical needs, because of their gender identity.

Let me put this another way: a transperson who speaks fluent Spanish and limited English has to travel THREE AND A HALF HOURS in a major city with millions of people and thousands of doctors to get to a clinic because they have an upper respiratory infection. Why? Because the doctors that are closer to them, the doctors who speak their language, REFUSE to treat them because “they’re trans”.

Transfolk are being denied Healthcare not because they lack insurance (though some may), not for a lack of providers (in this city at least) rather they are being denied care because “I don’t approve of your lifestyle.”

I mean, my docs treat the patients who walk through our doors. Our non-profit treats those without insurance. We bring interpreters in and address any needs they have. But it hurts my soul that people in my community are being told they do not deserve the right to life because of their gender identity. It hurts my soul that people are not getting easy to access, quality medical care, because of some sanctimonious shit who went to med school.

If you don’t want to uphold the hippocratic oath, if you are not here to heal, get the fuck out of medicine.

As a medical professional myself I have seen this for years. It is annoying and the growing trend of you have to agree with me or I won’t treat you. It is a side effect of the if you dont agree with me you’re a nazi or some other bs. It’s wrong. I treated as a corpsman who ever walked into my office or tent with the same respect I would want to treat them me with.

I don’t give a flying crap if they were gay, starting to transition, straight, or whatever religious beliefs they had they were there for a Reason and so was I. It wasn’t for me to judge it was so i could find the problem. Anyone who judges their patients is just an asshole.

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