Warlords finds out mc is pregnant (risky)

Im on mobile so I can break.

I love these prompts.

So the backstory. He (is insert warlord here.)

They knew he had to ride out in the morning. The sad feelings were nothing new and they both knew they only had a few hours left together. So as the setting sun was gone leaving the sky colored with deep purples and dark blues he made sure you were in his arms. The act of love was ever sompowerful when he knew he would not have your body and touches to sustain him through the next trails he was facing. He wanted to leave you in the pond of bliss and set out to do just that for the rest of the night.

The kisses that led to the futon were enough only for a few minutes as piece by piece your clothes are stripped from your overheating bodies. Every inch of you is carasses either with his hand or mouth. He knows where to put both as if he was the one who created it, he never left you wanting for anything and your sounds of pleasure he was bottling up inside him to take them with him for his lonely nights. He finds his way to your core and first tastes you, or at least he tries, as if you were a dessert that he could survive on. The lapping of his tonuge and the small circles of his fingers on your clit drives you over the edge the first time.

He moves on to inserting his fingers one, than two, driving them to a beat only he can hear. As he flexes his fingers into different angels which drives you soaring toward that cliff again, he knows what will set you off as he whispers words that drive your orgasm harder and you closer to being thrown off that edge into the comforting lake below, again.

Finally he moves over you and begins to rock himself into you. Slowly and teasingly he moves centimeter by centimeter in you only to pull back almost to exit your wet warmth. He drives you insane with his movements until you are panting and pleading for more. He knows that is his cue to fill you completely. Though you never stay in the same position for long the beginning is always the same until he is completely engulfed in your folds and buried deep within your core. He pushes harder, deeper, all the while talking in a way that normally wouldn’t suit him. As he kisses you that last moment before he throws you off the cliff into the clouds to soar uou know he is finally ready to cum. He will grunt as your walls tighten and the move around him as he thrusts as deep as he can, only to release himself within. The warm sensation fills you and you both fall into a sated peace of mind where none of the realities of the world xan reach you safe wrapped each others arms.

Two months go by. Though it was not unusual for him to be gone this long, you missed him more this time and you didn’t understand why. Untill he got home that is.


He sees you and smailes noticing something was different though he could not see what exactly. You shined more than normal and your smile seemed to show in your skin. He went theough his normal routine for when he returned it wasn’t until you gaged at the smell of the soup he had requested that he put two and two together. You were with child, his child. He started to speak and the questioned the idea. You either didn’t know yet or you were not telling him on purpose. He waited until you did.


He looked at you funny when he saw you the first time. This made you cry. He tried to makenit better using his soothing words but that didn’t work, it seemed you were over emotional and he wondered why? He watched for hours but noticed your tiredness, your glow, and the over emotional tears. He had seen this before. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“That you’re pregnant!”

“Cause I am no—- oh crap.”

He makes you get checked out the next day.


Not surprisingly the first words out of his snarky little mouth, “Why didn’t you write me about this?”

“About what?”

“The fact you are with child. My child.”

“I am what?” Then a few seconds later, “Oh.”

“Come on idiot, I will check you out and then prepare tonics for you.”

Though his words say one thing he is happy when he has the thought of your child together. He makes sure to rub uour back later that night in all those places that were perfect.


He looks at you as you stand by the gate. It wasn’t until Hideyoshi picked you up to hug you that he watchs as your kimono readjusted and pulled in certain areas. It just wasn’t right. When you pulled away he noticed the difference in your skin, you hair had grown faster than normal, your nails were not worn down to the quik either. He knew something was different. Some major was different.

The smell of the food later which was one of your favorites that made you feel queasy and your coloring was greenish. He knew. Without a doubt knew. “Are you okay?”

“Of course why?” You would reply.

“Because of the baby?”, he smiled, “Why didn’t you tell me lass?”

“What are you talking about?” You calmly ask and he tells you his evidence and then you think back and the reality hits you. He is right. He makes sure you eat even if it drives him insane thatvuou have to have the blandest of foods.


This fluffball knows your body. Knows how itnis supposed to look and when he sees you though nothing has really changed he knows instantly you are different. He thinks back to the last together and bam it hits him. He is going to be a father. He doesn’t say anything as he realizes quickly you don’t even know yet but he makes sure your needs are being met. He confides in Hideyoshi who does the mothering for him.


He knew it was a possibility from the start That you could be expecting when he returned. It weighed heavily in his mind while he was gone and it was the driving thought the entire way back to the castle. He saw no outward signs of any difference until later as you changed out of your kimono into sleeping wear. He saw then. Your chest grew a few sizes while he was gone and as his hands cupped them your protest because they were sore gave him everything he needed to know. His hand which snaked around the front of you and rested on your lower abdomen. You wondered what he was doing when you looked into his eyes and saw his molten gold eyes burning.

“This is my cub, growing here.”, he whispered.

“I guess you left a surprise for both of us.” You reply as you realize what he said and you knew it to be true.

“The best kind.”

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