Warlord finding sextoys

Warlords and finding sex toys

This one is brought to you by the no-shame discussion between Torrie and myself.

Warlords brought to the future and you show them your place for the first time.


-walks in and looks around however you jump up and close your bedroom door before he could really get a good look inside.

– you try to distract him from the items that you had forget to put away.

– he walks around some more listening to all you have to say

-“Princess, what were those things on your bed?”, he askes as he looked at you

– “Nothing you have to know about.”, you reply.

-“I know what they looked like, Princess. I think I should show you how to use the real thing.”


– He follows you through the apartment as you show him around.

– You look inside your room and see some of your toys lying on the headboard.

– You shut the door really fast but you knew he was so close he must have seen them

– His eyes went wide but he never said anything

– He looked like he really wanted to say something but was holding back

– She was showing the rest of the place

– He waited and kissed you gently

– “I am not sure what those things are but I know what they looked like. I think the time is now to show you the real thing.”


– He walks in the apartment and looks around with his one good eye.

– He likes the way you decorated the place

– He follows you so close that you can feel the heat coming off him

– He smiles as you look around the wall to your bedroom and see you forgot to put somethings away from the night before.

– You slam the door shut

– You take him in the kitchen to show him the toaster.

– He was so excited to see the toaster

– He then turned and asked, “So why do you have fake dicks on your bed when you can have a real one?”


– He doesn’t seem to care to much about what you are showing him

– He looks around and doesn’t seem interested in much of anything

– You go to close the bedroom door as you look inside and see things

– You had no idea he was right behind you

– He looks over your shoulders and looks into the room.

– As you try to close the door he pushes you inside.

– “You do not need that thing anymore. You have me, I guess.”


– He follows you into the apartment with an eagerness to see your living space

– He watches as you show him everything and he is amazed with the collections of things you have

– He follows around and looks at different rooms as you shut the door to one room that he already looked it

– He was slightly confused by the item on the bed

– He have never seen anything like it before.

– He smiled and continued to look around

– He asked to use the computer to which you let him

– You go into the kitchen and then you come back to look over his shoulder and saw what he was looking at

– “Princess does your do this side to side or does it get warm as well?”

– You turn bright pink

– “I think I could show you how to use it better.”

Mitsuhide (oh shit this one….)

– He follows you in the door and looks around

– He walks through the whole place without you showing him anything

– He notices the state of your bedroom and raises his eyebrow.

– You rush to shut the door

– He follows you to a different room

– He watches you as your color returns to normal

– “My dear what was with the state of you bed?”

– You answer you had a rough night sleeping

– He then asks, “Did it have something to do with something on your bed?”

– You ignore the question

– He then would say something every chance he would get

– He wants to keep seeing the shades of pink or red

– If you think that was bad

– When he walks out of the room and returns with your personal toy he looks at it and then you

– “This is so small, my dear, if you need something bigger I may be available.”

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