It did the same thing to me


Naiya you are one that i have found I unfollowed like four times over the last year. It’s annoying. So when you see me folllowing you over and over that’s why. I don’t unfollow people period. Im loyal like that.


This explains why I see people following me and me going “wait, didn’t they already follow me?” I had better go through and check


If you haven’t see your favorite writers lately….

Try and check their page. Last night I found I had unfollowed four of my friends and I didn’t unfollow them. So if you haven’t been seeing your favorite writers lately check. It seems tumblr is unfollowing people without them knowing…..

Tori at @ikesenlemonadestandstories also noticed her likes and reblogs went way down which is the reason I started to look because I didn’t see their stories unless I was tagged.

So I say this if you followed her before check, if you didn’t check out their awesome writing! I highly recommend

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