I’ve always been curious as to what a live write actually was? Is it like writing one sentence/paragraph at a time with a different author? I’ve got some RPing experience so it might be something similar, just with writing instead of acting like a certain character?

I’m a noob when it comes to IkeVamp, but it’s starting to gain some good points with me, so there’s that.

As for weird or dark subject matter? That would be just revealing my weak points Hmm…I think I’m okay with most things, so long as the ending is happy. I think it was Don Bluth that said something along the lines of kids are able to handle and process dark subject matters in stories so long as the ending was happy, and I think that’s how I’ve come to approach stories. Heck, one of my favoritiest story tropes is Hurt/Comfort for that reason. As long as things turn out okay in the end, I’m okay with most things.


A few questions for y’all

Who would be interested in a live write?

What other than ikesen (in the sengoku period) would you like to see?

What weird or dark subject matter interests you?

They way my cousin did a live write was on twitch. They had a camera and chatroom going and they would write with ideas thrown at them by the people in the chat room. Basically y’all could see into how my brain processes ideas and comes up with my major stories.

Some do it on like google docs as well basically the same thing. I don’t personally like google docs so that option is out. So twitch could be a thing. I am really debating it. But I think it could be fun at the same time. It is in real time and I would LOVE to talk to some of you.

I am getting into Ikevam as well. It is growing on me but I don’t think I will be writing for it anytime soon. Vampires and I don’t get along well.

I have some dark pieces that I wrote and they all turn happish. Stalked was extremely personal for me to write so was into the darkness and and the rain fell. They all explore real life things and darkness in people. I had to get them out of my head. For the most part it worked.

In the truth between friends I touched on my time in Africa. The exurpts from her diary were really from mine. I think at some point I will write that somehow.

I so appreciate the feedback. I always love hearing what yall like so I can tailor what I write to either include it or at least try.

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