So since you’re getting into Ikevamp too, do you have a favorite character yet? Or are you still deciding/ deciphering who the characters even are? lol. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out who was who for Ikesen, but I was able to remember and differentiate the Ikevamp boys quickly. Looking back, it’s a bit embarrassing to have confused Mitsunari and Mitsuhide 😅

Actually I know who they were so to speak. I am a huge history buff in my own mind at least. I don’t have a favorite as of yet.

I knew absolutely nothing about the people in ikesen when I started the game just about two years ago. Nothing about japanese culture, the language, or its history. I would never say I am a history buff in that regard but I have scoured hundreds of books, articles, and different opinions on certain people and have learned A LOT. To the point I have annoyed many people around me, my kids for example. Next year we are going to japan for my first time and my husbands fifteenth time and I am so looking forward to it so I can actually see the places I learned about. I traveled the world for my job but ironically have never been to asia. I have been nearly everywhere else or at least it seems I have.

I am always ready to learn more about different things and people. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this game when I did because it filled a void and gave me a chance to learn. As annoyingly obsessed with Mitsuhide I am, my youngest daughter lives for learning about Nobunaga and my son is the same way about Masamune. In school, though they will never actually admit it, both my teenagers have corrected teachers about Hideyoshi and Ieyasu historically and came home to tell me. All because of a silly game. I am hoping Ikevam can do the same to a point.

Historically I know the guys and have done a huge amount of research on Vlad the impaler. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with vampires, because of my paleness compared to everyone else in my family I was often referred to ‘that vamp girl’, so I wanted to learn more. I am looking forward to his route. My cousin @ikesenhell is officially unofficially related to shakespere either by relation or blood. I think that is cool so I claim the relationship as well even though it isn’t true.

Damn I ramble when I am super tired.

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