Since you’re bored while the littlest one sleeps…If you could only pick 3 non fan fic authors to read for the next decade, who would you choose?

So my friend I assume you mean ‘normal’ authors? That would be easy. Stephanine laurens. Her cynster series I have been reading over and over for two decades now. She has added to it over the years and it has spawned three spinoff series as well. I can’t recommend them enough.

Lisa kyples(spelling) and i am to lazy to go check it.

I love her style of writing. She is from an area near where I grew up so her inflections though she writes historical romance based in england, are things I grew up with and hearing. I have all of her historical romances though I don’t particularly like the more modern stories she writes I do love the historical ones.

Last but not least.. Richard preston

He is not a romance writer. He writes about things I worked with and have done. His semi-fiction about Ebola and the people that have worked with it and the facilities that contained BH4 viruses. I saw semi-fiction because it does resemble what our lives are like as a blue shirt but somethings that are there are not true. I fell in love with ‘the hot zone’ and shortly after was in Africa studying exactly where the book took place.

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