So what’s your favorite kind of sweet/ dessert? If you can’t pick just one or two, you can always go with my Gramma’s go-to option: Whatever one I’m currently eating ðŸ˜‚😂😂



My favorite favorite favorite sweet is a Malasada. I love them and they bring me back to Brazil where I love to be. They have to have the cream as well.

Ooh, I would love to try some sometime. I like lemony desserts. .. i have a thing for lemons, which is also how I came up with the incredibly clever online name of Limonzu.

It was actually because I thought “Limonzu” would be the way the Japanese pronounce “lemons” but then I found out the Japanese can’t pronounce the L sound at all, so…

Since My father is half Brazilian I love most Brazilian foods. My cousins also feed me often with treats.

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