Hammock or chaise lounge? Fall or spring? Iced tea or hot tea?

Chaise lounge and I have one on my patio right now. A friend who had it and knew I loved it gave it to me when her husband went and bought a surprise house. Yes I have weird ass friends.

I love both. Spring because of the new growth and the beginning again. The flowers and trees growing again. It feels like anything is possible. Fall because the chill in the air, the colors(not where I am at now but growing up in New England the colors OMG), the sense of home and family as the holidays approach. I really don’t think I can choose between them.

Sweet iced tea. Though I grew up in New England I am a southern girl at heart. My mother lived in Virginia growing up and her family is settled and did actually settle a county in North Carolina. I spent a lot of time there growing up. My great uncle JH called me his Southern Yankee princess till he died a few years ago. I have the accent of a southern person when I hear it. So sweet tea please except when I am sick Then hot tea with a crap ton of honey.

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