Warlords adult time

Suggestive warnings but not nsfw completely

Hc playtime


– this one likes a certain type of play

– He is so dominant in everyday life he cannot let go of that

– He knows he has responsibilities as the first unifier

– He enjoys his role play though

– He needs a certain release

– Though he can not lose that dominant trait

– He will try for you

– He learns to let things go

– Never crosses a line with you

– He needs you to be completely submissive

– Completely

– He will make it worth your while though


– honestly I can’t see him trying to be dominant

– He isn’t submissive either

– He likes touching

– You work at making your own fun game

– He has to say or do something before he can touch

– Like full contact 20 questions

– Though you never make it to 20

– He tries to do whatever you like and will spoil you in the process


– games?

– Play time games?

– The hedgehog doesn’t have time for that

– However he sees your disappointment in your eyes

– You explain you just want to spice things up

– He takes at he is dull

– He is willing to try once

– He is not sure when you explain to him

– You bind his hands lightly as not to trigger things from his past

– Talk sweetly as you do it

– You let your hands explore as he is trapped on the ground

– He doesn’t not like it

– After he admits he could see a future of that

– One step at a time porcupine….


– up for anything

– He is good to go

– He doesn’t mind being sub or dom

– Whatever your pleasure is

– Either way you both get what you want

– He doesn’t mind ropes or anything else

– He goes with the flow

– He enjoys the soft touches or the harder yanks regardless


– you want to do what?

– He is still learning everything

– though a quick study he doesn’t quite get this side to playing with you

– But if you want to try it he is willing

– He honestly could be both sub and dom as well

– Meet darkside Mitsunari

– This side thrills you

– Also slightly scares you as he only comes out when Mitsunari is extremely tired or hurt

– This could be awhile

– He learns he likes everything and he is rather good at working you up either way

– Good bye heaven

– Hello wonderful hell


– since he is a natural dominant person he enjoys both

– A master at torture he likes a little pain himself

– He is also a master at rope work

– He likes teaching you as well

– He doesn’t mind when you want the lead

– Smacked, shoved, hair pulls all turn him on

– The more you do the more he will please you

– Flip-side he won’t-hit you. Playful swats and spanking yes but never harder then that

– He tries not to bind you to tight either

– He will pull hair be prepared

– He will leave marks as well

– He likes when you do as well

– I don’t see him into breath play***

– He enjoys taking his time during playtime on either side

– He knows he has the stamina to last hours and hours

– *** common canon in the ikesen world. Though breath play does add excitement I can not think he would find it fun to choke the life out of MC just as a release. He loves her and that would be to close to seeing her dead, in my eyes.****

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