Warlord I love yous


I love you


-has no idea of the warm burning he has for you in actually love

– he tries to play it off for days, weeks, even months

– when you murmur in your sleep “I love you”

He realizes

– reality shifted for a moment for him

– he knows he loves you know

– he smiles at the knowledge

– you catch him smiling at you

– he does it when he thinks your not looking

– sorta creepy

– when you confront him he gets that smile again

– “My dear how can i not smile at you when I love you so much.”


– after being sister zoned for so long you don’t know how to react to anything else for awhile

– you know how you feel

– regardless it isn’t easy loving the towns ladies man

– he doesn’t encourage it anymore but women

– he looks at you as you get slightly upset at your night ruined by other women interloping.

– he wants to make it up to you


– as you fall asleep he whispers to you

– “I don’t deserve to love someone like you.”


– this one is difficult

– on the best of days he is difficult

– however you adjust your days around him

– you have gotten to the point you know he rarely says what he means directly

– still it isn’t easy loving a pricky pear

– you do regardless

– he sees how you do everything for him

– you hardly interrupt anymore when you know he is busy

– he still has that yearning for your company though as he works

– sitting in silence is the best way to show him

– he knows

– “For someone who endlessly chatters about your silence is a boon.”

– “I love you too.”


– he doesn’t hesitate

– he sees your love for what it is

– he knows his own feelings

– he can’t and won’t promise tomorrow but god help you today

– he wants tomorrow’s

– an endless amount of tomorrows

– “Kitten you are the moon and sky, how could I not love you?”


-he knows something is not right

– it isn’t wrong either

– new feelings he has no name for

– he wants to ask

– he doesn’t what to feel dumb though for not knowing

-he just tries

– tries to eat

-tries to sleep

– tries to read

– he can’t do any of those things without thinking of you

– “I fear something is wrong with me.”

– “why?” You ask

– he explains and as you softly smile at him he relaxes

– “love feels like that.” You tell him

– “then I love you.”


– nope

– he knows he is well over his head

– he will not admit it freely though

– he shows it with everything he does when you are around

– his teasing

– his touches

– his speaking to you

– you know

– he knows

– he will wait till you are deep asleep in his arms to whisper, “My love you can never know just how much I love you”

– though you are thought to be asleep you wait every night to hear those words

– you respond one night without thinking

– “I know that already, snakey kitsune, go to sleep.”

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