“I’m mad enough to stomp snakes!” – to Mitsuhide



“What do you think you are doing, my dear?” Mitsuhide asked as he walked in the room him and the princess shared. it looked as if she was throwing things everywhere.

“I’m looking for something!” she hollered back to him over her shoulder.

“What is it, maybe I can help?”  he asked. he had never seen her this upset about not finding something.

“It isn’t here.” she said and then a flash happened in her eyes that took him off guard. “I’m mad enough to stomp snakes!”

“Hey now!” he said as he chuckled.

“Not funny Mitsuhide.” she said.

“I found it very humorous.” he replied. “Now tell what me why this missing item has you so upset.”

“It is the fourth think that is missing. they were some of my things from the future. nothing valuable but just my things. it is maddening!” she replied as her shoulders slumped.

“We will look for the thongs together. we will find your things I am sure.” he replied with a slight smile knowing he was going to tease and play with her until she forgot about the items in question.

I’ve actually already drawn this but I forgot I gave it to you, hahahahahah

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