😱Thank u!!! 🌸 I wanna thank you all for following me~ @uesugi-akechi-please @cailannuesugi @tarralin @alloveroliver @azuchi-princess @mythiica @girlierest @wishiwasfictionaltoo @kimi00twin @rainyluneblogs @tofuoto @fiction-and-melodies @rossyele @galaxystarrr @aromaticboar @chaoticstarblossoms and all of lovely followers! :’) Thank you! 💖💖💖


@dysfunctionalrobit @ceruleandays @trulipan @wishiwasfictionaltoo @rain-n-blue-roses @laurenlovesotome



This is a great idea!

I want to tag so many people omg…

@sutekihappiness @youreawizardharr @aikurone @ikemen-lover159 @rairahimesama @comtis-girl @yanshalia @theundyingskeleton

@ all the amazing people who drop in requests, who tell me encouraging words, who I can fangirl with 💖💖💖


People really love tagging me in these things. I’m going to retag some folks 😂

@pianoperson , @theundyingskeleton , @saphyhowl , @yanshalia , @azuchi-princess , @rairahimesama , @leychee , @cradleeyes , @ikemenstudies

This goes for people who follow me and don’t follow me. You guys DESERVE appreciation just like the next person 💜

P.S: I told myself I wasn’t doing these posts anymore because people really hate me…


George… 🤦🏼‍♀️ How can you be annoying us you’re amazing

Thank you so much I love you too 💙

@theundyingskeleton @pianoperson @youreawizardharr @saphyhowl

You’re all amazing and deserve all the happiness in this world and I love you all 💙


Aaaa thank you Emma!

Let’s see,,,

@pianoperson @aikanachi and some people in my Jonah server bc I love y’all @yanshalia @noir-the-croissant @bluerosetohappiness @godspeedthot

I hope I’m not being annoying by tagging y’all sjdndjj


Ooh, an appreciation tag game? I’m down for this!

Lemme tag…

@narekashi @captdrobvious @clemencebrothersobsession @kitaguwu @miwa-himitsu


I’m gonna start a new tagging game that I bet won’t get popular.

But to spread love for followers and share the support they give to us. Here are the rules:

Reblog this and tag one of you followers that is your biggest fan or someone you’re close to or just any random amazing follower in general and then they tag one of their followers and let’s see how long we can branch this out alright?

I’m gonna start by tagging my all time best friend and wonderful supporter here and in real life:


Well, I’ll take this as an opportunity to thanks to @shouta-bakugou @stephdaninja @elievalentine @lordbunshin @crazyfreckledginger @kimi00twin @unstoppablelinda @mythiica @vespeshadowmoon @rikumorimachisgirl @redheadkittys @mkjust1ce and @jennacat84 without you I would delete this god damn blog and stopped drawing a long time ago.

I honestly have no idea why you guys are following me, but I wanted to thank You for your amazing writing, drawing and memes!

@cailannuesugi @shrimpalompa @azuchi-princess @datemasamunemaiwaifu @darkmindsthinktwistedthoughts @datemasamunemaiwaifu @kiarigirl @your-average-pyro @princessriver

^^ ty @vespeshadowmoon

I shall take this time to thank a few. Thank you for your support and also your wonderful creations.

@umbralaperture @xathia-89 @mineko811 @a-shout-to-the-void @muggzc @velociraptor-detective @rikumorimachisgirl @mikamiw @yunohawkeye@forallyourikemensengokuneeds @ikemenfics @ikesenlemonadestandstories @dmiqueles @ihavenotfallenyet

Thanks @darkmindsthinktwistedthoughts for the tag.

Wow I see the names all the time but I go blank when I have to remember them. So if you follow me and I don’t tag you I still see you and I appreciate everything you all do.

@ikesenlemonadestandstories @darkmindsthinktwistedthoughts @dmiqueles @kimoOOtwin @muggzc @umbralaperture @missmeggo929 @jennacat84 omg there are so many more so forgive me. My brain is shot but if you are reading this you are tagged.

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