“Get away from her!”



He drew me in his strong arms, and I felt relief from the bottom of my heart 


“Mitsuhide, you act strangely when this woman is around you.”


“She is a magnificent, one of a kind woman.”


“I see. You’re both the same way.”

Motonari pointed a finger directly at my face as he stood up.


“Who would of thought that Mitsuhide would be madly in love right before the dawn of war.”

“MC, can’t you just leave him?”


“Leave her alone!”

Mitsuhide hid me behind his back and glared at Motonari.

His hand resting on the handle of his sword. 

Don’t get close to MC. Otherwise, I’ll cut of your neck.



From behind his body, I can sense his murderous intent.

Note: so I finally got to his romantic route lol. A little background on this scene. Mitsuhide left for a minute so Motonari could talk to MC. He is surprised at her resolution to stay by his side. He wanted a piece of the pie and that’s when Mitsuhide came all pissed off. Lol my poor baby.

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