You did the MC stabbed when protecting warlords from the oda forces. Can you do a part 2 for the U. T. Forces?

It was already done. For future reference ALL of my head canons and stories are released on both AO3 and wattpad or you can search the tag lines here on wattpad.

A continuation of the previous headcanon.

The pair was out for a nice little trip to a nearby lake. As they were walking and holding hands, they were surprised by eight bandits that were laying in wait. He felt he could quickly take them on as the, and he did but when he wasn’t looking she saw one of the first he had laid out stand with a smaller dagger. She ran and threw herself in front of him as the blade hit home right through her shoulder. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury but one he treated as one because it was her who received it. After he made sure the bandits could not harm anyone else he carried her back to the castle…….

Kenshin was appalled at the fact that she had thrown herself in front of him only to take a blade through the shoulder. The wound itself wasn’t all that bad and had stopped bleeding very quickly; it was the idea that she could be so reckless with her life to save him. Didn’t she know he was the god of war? Apparently not as he would’ve have easily dispatched anyone who dared threatened him and her without a second thought. He had to come to grips with her actions and he knew to talk to her was out of the question at the moment as his feelings were to far gone. He didn’t know how to handle the grips of fear he had felt or the rage he still felt both aimed at her. He could barricade her in some high room with no escape, and that was his first thought. However he came to the conclusion that would not work, and they would have to have a long conversation about the dangers of this world and how he could not lose her, ever. It would destroy him.


He was surprised for a moment but quickly threw the enemy to the ground with striking blows. His concern, however, was for his angel and the blood that had soaked through her outfit for the day which was one of her favorites. He would, of course, replace anything she wanted but her safety was paramount to him. After reassuring himself that hers was just a minor injury, he could feel the vice around his chest slowly ease. He refused much to her delight even though she was arguing about it, to put her down. He carried her to his room and tended the wound himself trying to be tender as he did. He also lectured her then entire time on the fact he was the warrior and her his goddess and that was it, and if she tried another stunt like that again, he would tie her up and leave her in her room for a week.


Yuki was dumbfounded at the fact that she had walked right in front of the sword. Went to pierce through her shoulder and started bleeding he about lost his mind and began to see red as he then dealt with the scoundrels. He then, of course, turned his attention to her to make sure that her wound was not life-threatening, if it was he was pretty sure that he would have tried to hurt her himself, for leaving him like that. However, when he realized that it was just a flesh wound that was bleeding profusely, he was able to stop the starch of blood and was able to patch it up on the spot quickly. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to handle the fact that she had done something so reckless, he was trying to force the thought out of his head as he managed to carry her all the way back to the castle complaining the entire time about the fact that she doesn’t weigh anything. He knew he was deflecting from the subject at hand and he didn’t want to deal with the scary feelings of loss and fear that he had to figure out eventually. He was distant and quiet for the rest of the day as he came to grips with his own issues, after a very long discussion in which he surprised her with the depth of his feelings she agreed to be more careful next time if there was a next time.


He was taken back The action that she had taken. He was surprised when he saw the dagger enter her arm and quickly did an appraisal on the location to make sure that it was not near an artery or anything like that, after that he was able to take on the bandits with ease to defend them. After he dispatched the bandits which he knew that Kenshin would be mad that he did not leave them To deal with. He then quickly brought him and her back to the castle so he could clean and dressed The wound appropriately. He was still in somewhat of a shock that she had thrown herself in front of him and begin to question the idea that she might not feel safe around him, that he might be inept and protecting her. When he brought up his question of Insecurity about the subject she quickly laughed and suggested that maybe it was just a quick reaction and the time had finally gotten to her when she had realized that life here in the Sengoku where is infinitely precious and she felt her part in the grand scheme of things. He tried really hard to grasp that concept as they continue to talk and he began to lose his insecurity of the fact. He began to take her at her word with the exception that she would never do anything like that again. She didn’t exactly promise but she somewhat agreed, and he gave her the best smile that he knew how to.

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