The last post

It was incredibly hard for me to do and to swallow my pride and ask for help. However I have seen this fandom come together and help others many time in the past almost two years. I thank the two people that did actually help, and the many that did reblog the post.

However it has shown me how I fit into the fandom and it has set me off the deep end of my growing depression but I do truly understand now. The lies that have been spread, the rumors and the few that like to spread them, it is easier to believe them than to actually talk to me. Though the ones responsible are rarely around anymore the damage was long done.

Katmas will still happen which I honestly doubt at this point anyone but a handful will actually do anything. After next weekend I will be choosing if I will continue or if I leave tumblr indefinitely. I hate feeling like I do but and to be honest, really honest, the fandom and the friendships I thought I had, was the only good thing I had to hold onto right now and well thats gone now too.


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