My friends….

Okay I am not a person who likes doing this at all. I love being the one who can help when I have the chance as well. That being said I need some help.

As most of you know I have been battling with myself and some really nasty infections the past two months. They have been to say the least the most draining and I have been going insane because I can’t even think most of the time. Anyone who talks to me regularly knows this as I will space out or ask really dumb questions that I already know the answer too. This is because of the pain and the multiple medications I have been put on in the past month.

During this last round of doctors visits we got hit with some interesting and disturbing news. Somehow during the course of the move our health insurance was canceled. We had to pay then and there for the doctor visit and then the medication I seriously needed. The rash that I had, a form of MRSA, had turned inwards. This means if left untreated The infection would go into my blood and that would be horrible on its own but until we get the insurance fixed that would be financially horrible.

Because we had to pay out of pocket we are left with nothing until my husband gets his next paycheck. I literally mean nothing. If it was just me I wouldn’t ever ask for help but I have four kids, and well they do need to eat, and that leaves me in a serious bind. I also have one more medication to buy that was out of stock on Thursday and it will be ready on Monday . It will range between 50 and 75 dollars with a prescription program I was just told about. I need help. Any help will be a blessing even if it is just sharing this.

Thank all for even reading this.


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