Stars Shine The Brightest In The Dark (Mitsuhide Akechi x Insecure!Reader Love Smut)


Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku

Chapter: 1 of 2

Chapter Title: A Love Born Under The Stars

Rated: Mature/Explicit, 18+

Target: Female Audience

Word Count: 6929


Contains the sentence “Don’t leave.” from my old sentence game prompt you cand find on my old blog (@ii-yume-wo-ohime-sama), requested by @kiarigirl


Summary: Mitsuhide loves to tease – especially you. Usually you’d smile and return a sharp remark. But one night you don’t. Scenes of your past get present, deep hidden pain surfaces. When your facade starts to crumble he notices he went to far. Fearing of showing him your vulnerable side and unable to endure more of Mitsuhide’s teasings you run away. Worry and guilt wins and he runs after you, just to find your room empty. Not only was your room empty, but couldn’t he find you anywhere in the castle. Almost paralyzed with fear he finally realizes what you really mean to him… too late?



gif not mine, found on Tenor

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