For a five minute prompt- MC spends the day talking about “her cute man” in town. Jealous warlord tails her to find out who this suitor is, only to find out he’s a cute toddler.

She was smiling during the war counsel. “Fireball what is your issue?” Nobunaga asked as he just stared at her.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she tilted her head.

“You have a smile on your face that I don’t think we haven’t seen before.” Nobunaga replied.

“Oh it’s nothing, this cute guy has my mind today.” She smiled softly.

“Cute guy?” Hideyoshi asked, “who?”

“Just my cute man in town nothing to worry about.” She replied. All the men looked around at her and at each other. She got up and bowed as she went to the door and went out. She had some more business to take care of in town.

She walked into to the castle town and smiled all around her. She was looking for someone. Five the men she had been with a few minutes before all followed her around in secret as she was looking for her other man. They all had their jealousy reaching the top level. They all thought, “who the hell is this guy?”

She smiled again and she bent down as the little toddler boy ran to her arms. “Princess!”

“My cute little guy!” She said and all the warlords looked at her as she spun the little boy around. This brought giggles to the baby and she smiled even bigger. The men walked up and waited for her to see them. She did and laughed as she knew they all had searched to find her “man”.

“Happy guys?” She laughed as she looked at them as she continued to spin the little boy.

“You have no idea princess.” Most of them said as they all walked away from her leaving one.

“You have some to answer for.” He said as he looked at her.

“Oh I do?” She laughed.


She knew she was in for it later when she went back home.

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