Just a quick update

So I haven’t been posting too much lately. I am alive. Well sort of. I have been busy getting the kids ready for school and everything. I have also enjoyed a few days where I only seemed to have the allergic reaction at night. The past two days however the last and hardest to control infection has come back And reared its ugly head again and I am left standing at the drawing board. I will fight it again but until it goes away, yeah.

I finished the story “beginning again” on watt pad and I hope you will check it out.

Now for the funny part. Yesterday I went inTo finish registration for my two high schoolers. A senior and sophomore. I walked out shaking my head with a junior and college freshman.

Their old high school was so advanced on their classes the school system here couldn’t incorporate them into the fold to well. So well my 16 year old is now enrolled at the university of New Mexico and soon my 15 year old will be as well.

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