Here’s the thing…

So I have got like three anon asks basically telling me I am a hypocrite because earlier I said I would delete people who post overly political/social justice posts and then I post one myself.

So yes I am a hypocrite in that regard but this whole situation does in fact inpact everyone. Though it is in Canada it has repercussions that will filter into other countries as well. It effects us all. It doesn’t matter if you are cis, gay, bi, non-binary, or trans this one person is damaging a whole view of people in the lgbt+ community. This person has become the face of it, for now at least, and they are the face of the ones the overly bigoted people were worried about.

I believe in equality. Everyone has the same rights as everyone else. If I personally don’t understand something I seek to learn more about it. I lived in the community myself for a long time and my daughter is non-binary. My other kids also fit into the community as well but haven’t come out quite yet. I lived in it when there were not so many different terms so I learn as I go. Understand this before you say the comments I make have no barring on the situation.

This person is demanding that someone has to provide a service which they don’t want to for safety reasons for one, health reasons two, and they fact it goes against their beliefs. The person in question who is demanding the services says “i am a protected class”. That screams entitlement and not I want to fit in. So lets also go to the very creepy “pool party” with 12 year olds topless and with no guardians present. This is a 32 year old person. Yeah that doesn’t scream weird to me? Sorry as a parent every warning bell shot off when I saw those tweets. Now the update. A young girl came forward and accused the person of abuse. I read the article after I posted the first thing.

If you ignore this in favor of saying something like this can’t effect me or my beliefs, fine. However it gives the idiots and homophobes of the world a chance to belittle and condemn the whole LGBT+ movement. The WHOLE movement people. I have seen it before and history always repeats itself. People of all types cis, gay, bi, trans and everyone needs to condemn this now before it gets out of hand and all of you lose ground that you have all worked so hard to gain.

Thats is why I posted it. Because crosses over boundaries. It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with a huge movement that is going to lose ground because of a nut job.

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