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the writing giveaway I ran a few weeks ago, which after I thought I would never get to them because of this move, will be coming out in bunches until I finish the eight stories. As most of you know, because I was bitching about it for weeks I just moved from southern new England to New Mexico and am waiting for the movers to deliver my stuff so I got to sit down and write some. the rest will be out over the next few weeks, I promise. This is just the first.

Mitsuhide….fluff that leads
into spice. Beach setting.  @whalebubblez

The pair had traveled for days now. They were
supposed to be on a mission and in character, but every once in awhile while
they were on the road, his mask would slip. She could see through the one he
tried to get everyone to look at. Instead, there was a kind man at the core of
him. it was more in the smaller things he did. He made sure her part of the
saddle was padded for the long ride. They stayed in inns that had access to
running water of some sort so she could easily wash daily, a practice he
enjoyed as well.

Today was no different. They were still a
few days ride from the place he needed to go to see the rumors and ferret out
the source, but she saw the water. She sighed as she looked on it.

“what is it, my dear?” he asked as he
heard the soft sigh as he looked around to see what could have given her the
wistful look on her face.

“The ocean.” She replied, trying not to
look at it.

“What about it?” he asked now slightly
confused to her reaction.

“in my time it was a place to go to cool
off, and play.” She said.

“play?” he asked.

“There are games like beach volleyball,
frisbee, whatever but playing in the water was always the most fun.” She said. “I
am just remembering all the times we went.”

“We?” he prompted.

“Friends and family.” She said with a
smile. “My grandmother lived on the beach for a while, so my cousins and I would
have free reign to play there when we visited.”

“You seem to have fond memories of it.” He
said as he thought for a few minutes. The place could wait a day. Though they
were far enough from an inn that a days ride could be too much, he had his
tent. A gift to her was more important to him, for the first time, then his
job. “Let’s make one more.”

“What?” she asked, not sure she heard him

“We can take the rest of the day. We can
sleep out there too.” He said.

“We can?” her eyes lit up, and she threw
her arms around him. as they made their way to a spot to let the horse rest and
was able to be tied up he helped her down, and she went to the waters edge. She
looked down at herself and wished for a bathing suit. She glanced behind her to
the man who was looking at her with a glance she didn’t know, it was one she
had never seen before from him. His eyes seemed to glow in the light of the

She turned back to the water and was
tiring to figure out how she could go swimming in, and it wouldn’t leave her
open to being teased from the man she was with. She had no idea he had moved up
behind her. “You said you played in the water.” He whispered in her ear.

“Mitsuhide do not sneak up on me.” She laughed
as she jumped. “We did, but we had special clothes to do that, bathing suits.
This kimono is not really water friendly.”

“What do you need to do then?” he
prompted. He bent to her and slipped his hand around her quickly working to
untie her obi. He didn’t let her respond as he removed it from her, “You just
need to take it off then. There are so many layers you women have to use losing
one wouldn’t hurt.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“Now go play like a good girl.” He said
as he lifted her kimono off and started walking back to the camp area he had
set up. He turned to watch her already in knee-deep water and moving further
out. He wanted to call to her, but he found his voice didn’t work as she dove
into the next wave and popped out the other side of it to flip her long hair
back. She did know the water well. She moved through it like she was born to be
there. Before he realized it, he was also undressing and headed to the water. She
turned and saw his bare chest as he made his way to her in the water. She could
feel the smile on her face before she knew she was smiling.

She swam over to him and stood face to
face with him as he looked down at her. She splashed him, and that began the
water fight. He was laughing along with her, and soon he caught her and lifted
her against him. she brushed away a stray lock of his hair that was dripping
down onto his face.

“Thank you, Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“For what exactly, mouse?” he asked.

“This. I know you didn’t have to stop for
the night. You gave me a chance to play here instead of continuing on.” She replied

He couldn’t help himself as he placed her
back down on the sand under the water. Though he was only chest deep, she was
barely above the water. He realized his mistake and went to picked her up as
she wrapped her arms around his neck and went to kiss his cheek, but he moved
his head, and she caught the corner of his mouth. He adjusted her and went to
deepen the kiss. When he was done, she smiled at him shyly as the color
deepened in her cheeks. The sun was setting, and the colors began to change in
the sky from a deep blue to many other vivid colors. She and he walked out of
the water hand in hand and made their way back to the camp he had made while
she was playing. As the fire was lit, she went into the small tent to change
her wet clothes. He followed her in, and she turned pulling her kimono over her
skin to cover and again he was right behind her touching the skin of her
shoulder. He bent to kiss it right on the side of her neck. She turned to look
at him.

It was then that everything changed
between them and the filter she used to judge him was gone. He was being himself
right now, no masks, no games, this was the man underneath. She wrapped her
arms around him and found herself being led out of the tent to the small fire
he had made. They sat on the beach on the simple mat looking at the water and
stars as she told him of the future. She snuggled into him, hoping this would
never change.

“On the way back we can stop here again
for a night or two.” He said softly as he guided her back to the small tent and
helped her lay down. Their lips met again, and he moved her close to him. they
fell asleep listening to the sounds of the waves in each others arms as the two
found happiness in each other.

@whalebubblez @little-blue-octopus it won’t let me tag you as whalebubblez

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