Im gonna be honest here…

I come here to get away from real life and and relax. This is my zen area. I follow some extraordinary wonderful people and love reading about different things .

However the devide in the country has now infected my feed and honestly I can’t stomach that. So I am sorry but any access of political posts, social justice issues, and what not the person will be unfollowed.

I understand that things get people fired up. I understand we all have different views on things and I respect that. I don’t care what your stance is, if i agree with it or not, it will all result in The same action. This is for my mental health and my sanity. Not because I wish to censor you, I can’t nor would I try, I fundamentally believe in the first amendment of free speech. I just refuse to get worked up in my safe corner over here.

Please remember that, not so much about myself but the different fandoms are not the place to bring this up. We have a lot of people who are over zealous but well meaning that have a lot of mental health issues. Certain posts can raise anxiety to the point they can and have had breakdowns. If you want to be politically active, good for you! Make another blog to do so instead of bringing it into places it doesn’t really belong….

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