Birthday Month has begun

Kat’s birthday extravaganza!

So I got this idea from, my cousin the awesome Yesha, and thought it was excellent. Ironically my birthday is exactly a month after theirs on August 16.

I would like my feed to be flooded with Ikesen things for my day! To be honest I cannot think of anything better for my birthday.

I also would like to help people so if you feel inclined to you can donate to : the special Olympics at https://www.specialolympics.org

As you know I grew up with many people with severe disabilities. They made a huge impact on my life and I would like for many other families to be able to experience the wonderfulness of this program. If you donate you will receive a short as a thank you. To receive I will just need a timestamped copy of the receipt and the warlord of your choice.

For every story, mood board, piece of art I receive I will also donate $2 to the charity. (For clarity sake and openness I will post the receipt after August 17th). This way we all can help even if funds are tight, sharing something simple like a mood board or a doodle will help.

Everyone knows that my favorite character is Mitsuhide so anything with him is perfect! Small prompts or whatever!

I want to share my day with you so everything will be reblogged startingon the 16th Of August with a reaction from me!

I love you all!


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