Walrord sex first time hc (modern)


Warlords dating and sex for the first time


– will wait till third date before brings it up.

– once it is brought up he will say things to the effect he is ready, but will wait for you to be ready as well.

– will move slowly as he claims you slowly

– when you are ready he will go step by step in slow detail.

– he makes sure before moving to the next step

– makes it as wonderful for you as he can


– never says anything about it

– he moves slowly

– making sure it is real for the both of you

– when you bring it up he is happy to discuss his feelings for you

-will finally move when he just can’t take it anymore

– he goes agonizing slowly

– however it feels wonderful


– he never says much

– a quick peek on the cheek goodbye

– you start to wonder if he is even into you

– finally you get the words out and he looks at you like you grew another head

– quickly picks you up And moves to the most secluded spot

– no words are said but his actions prove he is really into you

– you never doubt his lack of words again

– not openly affectionate but alone slow touches and deep kisses lead to a night of bliss


– second date he moves slightly

-would it be Masamune if he waited?

– he shows affection as easy as breathing

– he builds up every night as if it was the most important in his life

– will never pressure you though makes sure you know he is ready to move on

– when you are ready because he wore you down he nearly rushes through dinner

– he takes his time touching and kissing

– wants you to enjoy the night as much as him

– you won’t regret it


– he waits

– he never says anything plainly

– he wants to move on but doesn’t have the words to express it

– leaves you wondering

– when he finally does speak you nearly jump

For joy

– he takes a hold of your hands and the gentle massage leads to much more touching

– touching leads to kissing

– admits he doesn’t know much about this next part but you gladly show him

– he is a quick study learning your tastes and preferences

-makes sure you are completely satisfied


– are you even dating?

– it never feels that way as he teases you like an older brother

– though the dates are normal (movies, dinner, parks, etc) never seems to long

– he doesn’t stay when he drops you off

– you figure you are friendzoned

– surprises you with close contact all night one night

– breathes on you neck as he speaks after he sees if affects you

– the hand on your lower back most of the night

– finally the kiss good night you break down and ask him in

– he accepts and then as the door shuts he takes you in his arms holding you tightly and deepens the kiss he has started

– admits he was waiting for you

– takes a long time working you up with touches, kisses, and licks

– takes a wonderfully long time making sure you are satisfied before he thinks of himself

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