Warlord twister hc

Since you’re doing head canons too, how do you think the warlords would react to playing Twister?

Left foot blue right arm yellow….


How in the world do you do this? How are people that flexible? He would sit on the sidelines and watch the first few games trying to make a statagy.


“Someone is going to end up hurt!” He would join in but only to make sure the game ended without a serious injury.


“This is ridiculous I don’t have time for this.” Though he does secretly want tonplay he will sit out the first few rounds.


He will study everything about the game. The options, what people do, he will be the master of twister by the end of the first day.


He will join in only because Hideyoshi doesn’t want people to play. He will make sure that he is thenone closest to the princess to ensure he was the only ine touching her. This game may not be so bad affer all

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