Something Worth Crying For – Mitsuhide Akechi x Reader {Ikemen Sengoku}



An MC who rarely ever shows her tears, even when in the face of danger, suddenly starts crying after an offhand comment from Masamune. This leads to her and Mitsuhide discovering she is pregnant

I had this idea late at night yesterday when i was trying to sleep, and I had to begin writing it immediately!!


Mitsuhide has said much worse. And he know he has. Even then, with his more harsh quips and less then tender teases, you’ve only ever scoffed, maybe rolled your eyes, maybe lightly smacked his shoulder, or even retorted with something back. Not only that, with the passionate love you two shared, whatever rough comments were made to one another, the two of you loved each other too dearly to ever take what is joked to heart.

Knowing all this, it makes it all the more surprising when Masamune makes a slight, light-hearted comment about you being too naive during council, that your face suddenly crinkles together, and a half hearted broken sob is bitterly released with tears to glide down your cheeks in unison. You excuse yourself, hurriedly pushing yourself up from your mat to run out of the room, the 6 warlords watching flabbergasted. Seldom do they see your tears.

Glares are quickly directed towards Masamune who awkwardly scratches the back of his neck, squabbling out how he didn’t mean it as a bad thing, and certainly didn’t say it with intentions of upsetting you. However, no glare was as sharp as Mitsuhide’s; he pointed straight daggers into the other eye of Masamune.

“H-hey, really, it was just a joke.”

Mitsuhide hummed, deciding it best not to follow now, but continue with the war council, before finding you. This not only would put a rest to the whole ordeal, but would give you time to calm down, and him time to ponder on what really caused the tears. The clever kitsune knows such a remark would never spark such a reaction from you.

So when he can finally get out of the damned council, he makes a very slow beeline to your room. Although, he doesn’t get make it all the way since he finds you by the castle pond, arms crossed and head down. Mitsuhide takes quiet steps towards you. His arm snakes up your back to cup the nape of your neck, clever fingers caressing your skin. You look up at him, a small smile on your face to regard him. He can still see the tear stains on your cheeks, and it makes him wonder if you cried a lot more than he thought. His other hand makes a quick tickle your cheek in an endearing manner.

“You have such soft cheeks, little mouse.”

You laugh, turning into him to bury your face in his chest, arms entangling around him. He happily returns the hug. You breathe him in, the scent of musk and cinnamon that lingers from the bit of skin revealed at the parting of his kimono. “I’m sorry.”

“What for?” Mitsuhide asks, voice soft, gentle.

“For crying. I don’t know what overcame me.”

Mitsuhide hums. He rakes his nimble fingers through your locks, and quickly presses a kiss to the top of your head. “No need to be sorry. It was merely strange. Made me wonder if it were really something else that brought such emotion from you.”

You pull away from him, sighing bitterly as you cross your arms again. “No. I’ve not felt myself for the last month.”

Mitsuhide pries. “How so?”

“I find myself with an appetite i’ve never had before, I can’t stop eating. I’ve felt so nauseas in the morning, I have these horrible headaches. The littlest, simplest things have upset me or turned my mood sour. And I’m… I’m late.”

Mitsuhide is no idiot, and neither are you. The both of you know what symptoms those stands for. And by the look on your face as you stare towards the ground after you utter, so softly, that you were late, he knows you’ve already considered it. His smile is as gentle as his stroke to your bottom lip. He doesn’t have to say anything.

“If I am, Mitsuhide, I’m so sor—“

Do not apologize,” he interrupts. “It takes two to make a child. And who is to say this is something to be sorry over, my darling?” You smile at the kind pet name. It is rare he calls you anything besides a mouse, his chatelaine, or simply your name, which he loves so much. To be called such a sweet endearment only hightens your emotions causing more burning tears to burn behind your lids. “Oh god,” you mutter laughing, wiping at your eyes. Mitsuhide can only chuckle with you.

“Those tears, I hope, are ones of joy. Those are the ones you certainly should be shedding. Now matter how much you may think crying bares weakness… it is something like this where crying shows just how strong you are. This is something worth crying for.

So please, cry. Cry your rejoice over our child.



Yeeessss! Beautiful!

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