Marriage warlords

Warlords and marriage


• Marriage to him would be difficult

• The guy is trying to conquer and rebuild a peaceful nation

• Getting alone time would be hard

• Along with the separation during battles

• You wouldn’t lack for anything though

• You want he gets it

• He is surprisingly sweet at times when he knows you need that

• He tries to be understanding when you just want to be alone with him

• He really tries to do little things for you

• Tea for two on the balcony

• Dinners alone

• Small quick trips to his favorite hot springs to relax

• He loves you too much to let you suffer his departures

• He will always try to be home as quick as he can

• He is really trying


• His devotion is undeniable

• He worships you

• When you two are together, you share all the household chores

• He won’t let you over task yourself and gets frustrated when you do

• He knows that you run the household AND the castle, so he doesn’t want you to do too much

• Sometimes his hovering is annoying

• He also annoys you with his fawning over Nobunaga

• Sometimes you really hate Nobunaga

• You plot his death more the Mitsuhide ever supposedly did

• Hideyoshi tries to do other things for you like day trips

• He has cut most of his ties with his fan club stating he only needs one woman now

• Time together is great and helps with his time going for battles


• This porcupine of love adores being married

• He will never admit it though

• He enjoys the idea of every day and night you are there somewhere close by

• He is a neat freak so some things you just don’t touch

• He loves those little touches of you throughout his manor house

• It feels better now

• Since you have learned to speak Ieyasunese life is better

• It is even more attentive then Hideyoshi

• He is spot on With your wants and desires

• He takes you nearly everywhere with him as he enjoys your company

• You want something he gets it

• Do you need it? It’s there

• He even tries to understand your friendship with the enemy ninja who is weird

• Life is completely full for both of you


• Sweet Mitsubun would be probably the most adorable husband

• He beyond worships you

• He can be annoying when he gets lost in a scroll as your speaking

• However, he doesn’t get mad when you lose your temper

• Half the time he doesn’t realize your mad because he is lost in a scroll

• He does all the accounts even though you are more than capable

• He just likes math

• He helps clean but fails when it comes to picking up his books

• He needs more shelves

• You need a bigger room

• However, when he snuggles you, it is the most wondrous thing

• Of course, waking up with an angel isn’t bad either


• Married life with a tiger or dragon can be tricky

• You find he has some major quirks

• He does everything at the speed of light

• Almost everything some take a really long time

• He takes over when it comes to cooking

• He likes things in certain places as well

• He, however, would do nearly anything for your smiles

• He really is a big playful child most of the time

• When he isn’t, you just wait and let him deal with his issues

• He takes his time now explaining things

• He is trying

• So are you

• Marriage is learning those quirks and still loving that person


• He was shocked when you said yes

• He never ever thought he could be married

• He outright worships your body and soul when you’re alone

• He is a different person than when he is being Mr. Sneaky pants

• He loves whatever you do

• You could literally spend every cent he had, and he would say “I will make more.”

• He encourages your designs even though he can get slightly jealous when you take to much time

• Forget about other men

• You married the torturer of the Oda forces

• He can be quite jealous if he see you speaking to his “friends.”

• He will take it out on you but not in a bad way, just expect to be tired the next day

• However a marriage with a trickster leaves you wondering what exactly he is doing half the time, he won’t tell you ever

• He does have guards around you all the time


• The fluffy bunny lover would be a caring husband

• Yes Kenshin and caring are in the same sentence

• He loves everything about you

• But mostly the fact you accepted him as he is

• He would give you the world

• He is actually trying to

• He shocks everyone from vassals to villagers whom he could be yelling at or to until you walk in and distract him

• No one recognizes him when he is in husband mode

• Though often short-tempered he isn’t with you

• Ever

• You also curb his desire for battle as he doesn’t want to leave you behind nor take you with him

• He shares completely and you do as well

• What some would call a marriage made in hell is actually heaven


• Worship? Really this one can’t leave you alone

• He knew you were his other half the night you met

• You had no idea

• He stops flirting with other women and turns it all to you

• Its overwhelming

• He doesn’t want you to work in the castle any longer

• However you argue and of course get your way

• You could say the sky is green and he would fight anyone who said otherwise

• He doesn’t want to battle anymore

• He wants to bring you to Kai and rebuild

• Of course you are willing

• He wants till its started though as you deserve a roof over your head

• He tries to be understanding when you speak to other men but doesn’t care for it, even Sasuke

• You laugh at that

• I mean Sasuke is no threat.

• Marriage would be fun for the most part


• Ah no not boy wonder here

• He understands the concept of sharing lives but it is completely new to him

• He tries to make time for you but he is wearing himself thin

• He is so battle ready and constantly training it is hard for him to break away

• He tries though

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