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I would like something about
Mitsunari getting conscious about how much he needs to take care of himself,
angsty maybe  @local-tired-birb

Mitsunari was waking up in the morning, knowing that
the princess was on her way to make sure he ate something and had washed and
combed his hair. He was starting to see that he was becoming a job for her and
that he didn’t like being a burden to her. He had never realized the trouble
that Hideyoshi had taken on because of him but with the princess that was a
different story. Everything she did was something he noticed and wanted to fix
and make better.

He rolled out of his futon though he wanted nothing
more than to continue to stay in the warm folds of it. She would be here soon. He
started to think of all the things she normally did in the mornings. He began
to do them one by one. Soon he was sitting there with a tray before him as she
walked in and looked around.

“You’re eating!” she said, shocked.

“Yes, Princess.” He said with a beaming smile.

“You washed and did your hair.” She said.

“I did.” He replied with even more of a beaming smile.

“You’re awake?” she said with even more of a question
on her face.

“I am.” He said his smile, not leaving his face.

“How?” she asked.

“I see, Princess, that you have more to do now because
of me. I made a list this morning of all the things you have to do extra because
of it. I do not want to become a burden for you anymore.” He said in his sweet
voice as he looked up to her as she was standing there with her mouth open.

“But… But.” She said.

“Now you have some free time, Princess.” He said with
a smile.

“Mitsunari.” She said. “I never minded looking out
for you.”

“I know that I think.” He said.

“I guess we will have to figure out something else to
do with the extra time.” She said.

“Come closer princess.” He said still with his
beaming smile, so she walked closer to him and didn’t see him reach out and
pull her down. “I have a few things to show you yet. Maybe we should work on
this taking care of me a little more.”

“Mitsunari!” she said as she was pulled in tighter to

“I think I need some more help washing.” He said with
a grin that she hadn’t seen come from this angel before.

“And where exactly would that be?” she asked.

“Everywhere.” He said with a grin. “Now princess it
is time for you to take care of me the way you really should.”

“Mitsunari!” she said, not knowing who this devil was
in front of her, but it was not the angel she knew.

“Maybe princess I could wash you first so you can
tell me how to do it.” He suggested, and she felt her face flush and turn hot.
She was swept up in his arms and soon found herself being carried to the river
at the back of the town. At this hour, no one would be around to see anything
they shouldn’t. his mind was working overtime with ideas he had never thought
of before. Soon she found herself standing as his fingers worked to undo her
obi quickly before she could protest. Though he had washed his hair and face,
he had not thought about everywhere like he should have. He was going to remedy
that quickly as his body was reacting to ideas of seeing the princess
completely bare. Soon layer after layer was shed and she had been lowered into
the water. He was quick in removing his clothes as well and joined her. He handed
her a scrap of a towel and the hard soap he had.

“Work your magic princess.” He said in a lower voice
then she had heard from him before.

“It isn’t hard to wash yourself Mitsunari.” She giggled.

“Show me.” He whispered in her ear as she began to
wash his chest. “My turn.” He took the washcloth from her and rinsed it. He applied
more soap and then began rubbing her chest as well. Soon he found her pressed
up against him with her legs wrapped around his waist.

After their interlude and they were back at the
palace of Hideyoshi, he looked at her and smiled. Taking care of himself had
never felt so relaxing before.

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