Headcanon military mc


• Is she a leader of men?

• No way!

• Look at her stance as she trains

• Could look at that all day

• She is good

• How is she so good?

• Army? She said. Did they let women in the military in her time? What?

• I will have to have her ability tested

• Can you imagine Kenshin’s face as she attacks him? (Rubbing hands together with glee)


• Wait what?

• Can she fight?

• Can she shoot?

• She is outstanding

• I don’t like this!

• Why is Lord Nobunaga rubbing his hands together?

• She is working with our retainers on some skills

• She just flipped a man!

• I have to see if she is okay

• What? She is fine.

• I don’t know if I can deal.


• So the lass has battle experience huh?

• Let’s see what she can do

• Holy snot?!?!?!?!

• She can do that with that tiny sword?

• She is fast

• Mitsuhide needs to test her with a gun

• She wants to go hand to hand

• I will go easy on her

• Ouch

• That hurts

• Okay won’t go easy

• She still beat me!

• I have to train more


• Our tiny little slip of a Princess thinks she can outshoot me?

• I heard what she did to Masamune

• He is still bruised on his back

• Okay she does seem to know a gun

• Five targets dead center?

• I can’t do that

• How?

• Seriously how?

• They train women to fight in her time? Why? Are the men that worthless?

• I can’t figure this out

• Teasing her now will become a full contact game


• She is soooo soft and sweet

• How did she do that to Masamune?

• Did she give instructions to our trainers?

• No way

• She is so tiny

• I have to watch her

• I could study her all day

• She doesn’t fight as we do

• And another guy down

• How did she do that?

• This will require some close observations


• No way this weakling can beat me

• She couldn’t even hold her own for five minutes

• Wait ouch

• She can

• What?!?!

• No not possible

• Again she had me on the ground

• Why is Mitsuhide laughing?

• Nobunaga has that smirk, and he is rubbing his hands still Masamune is leery of her now

• I have to admit she is good

• Of course, I won’t say that out loud


• hahahahahaha

• A woman that can fight

• What? She is cutting through my best vassals

• Okay enough

• She is well trained

• How?

• Not possible

• Is she holding her own with me?

• I don’t think I like this

• No, I don’t like this at all

• Military? She says.

• Hmmm, I wonder if we should train women.

• Nope


• My angel can fight?

• A warrior goddess, sure.

• Wait those are my best men

• She went through their ranks in Less the ten minutes

• She even had Yuki on the ground

• This probably isn’t a good thing

• Maybe a little more training and she could even beat me

• Ouch

• My jaw hurts but I am still standing

• Tiny as she is you wouldn’t think she could honestly hurt you

• And I am on the ground

• “If that’s what you wanted angel all you had to do was ask.”

• Ouch!!!


• A female who can fight?

• Military? Army? I don’t get it

• Sasuke says to leave her alone

• I don’t believe it

• Why am I on the ground?

• Wait, she did that?

• Huh?

• Why is Shingen on the field too?

• Why is he laughing?


• Her fighting style is definitely unusual

• Of course, the others wouldn’t understand

• She really is amazing

• Wow she flipped that guy

• I need her to show me how to do that

• Seriously

• I find her so refreshing

• This is humorous

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