Another cub

The morning light would have normally had her waking up though on this day she had been for hours already. She was drinking her tea on the veranda when she heard the door slide open to the masters bedroom. She refused to even glance at him in the room.

“How are we doing this morning?” He asked as he made his way to the rail and turned to look at her.

“We are tired, Mitsuhide. Why didn’t you send word you would be out all night?” She asked as she looked up at him.

“I didn’t know myself how long this nonsense would take.” He replied.

“Were you in the dungeon?” She asked.

“Yes why?” He asked back.

“We walked there last night and no one told me you were there like they normally do. I thought maybe you had something else to do or someone else to be with.” She said as she turned away.

“Someone else?” He asked softly.

“It isn’t far from the realm of possibility you know. It isn’t like I look the same anymore.” She said.

“That is true.” He said as her eyes went wide, “You are even more beautiful now then when we met.”

“Mitsuhide.”’she said as he pulled her up, “ My love do you think a few extra pounds or marks that appeared are going to make me run to another. I swore to you on the day we married you would be it for me and you shall be. I will write this entire conversation off to the fact you just had our baby. Now where is our little bundle of mischief?”

“Your daughter is finally asleep.” She replied.

“Our daughter.” He replied.

“I did all the work and you will get all the credit.” She said with a half smile, “she is all you.”

“She may look like me but she is more like you.” He said easily. “The next ones will look like you I am sure.”

“I doubt that.” She said as they made their way to the cradle in the corner of the room. “Now to try to get back to the way I was before.”

He smiled as he had other ideas, “While she sleeps lets go rest.”

“Why does that statement mean no rest?” She asked.

“I think we should try for another cub. I do need a son.” He said with a grin.

“Mitsuhide I am still recovering from having her.” She said.

“We can try though. I personally liked you very round with my child still inside you. It kept all the others away and marked you as mine completely.” He said as he took her in his arms.

“Mitsuhide.” She said though she was smiling as he kissed her.

“Come my love to the futon to rest.” He whispered and she knew there would be no rest today.

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