Finding each other

On Tumblr when I hit 250 follows I ran a contest, and one of the prizes was a personalized story. This is the result.

A new day dawned over the castle as she grumbled out of the covers. She loved this place but waking up at dawn was too much for her on most days. Her job there in the castle was to make sure everything was done and ready for Nobunaga and his vassals. That included the everyday tasks of cleaning to the weekly tasks of making sure that the little touches that brought a slight home feel to the castle were complete. He had let her do whatever she wanted with only imposing on her maybe once a week to go to the armory to do a check on supplies or if there was a party coming up. Nobunaga had been surprising lax on keeping an eye on her and in the wake of that it left the other five warlords to watch her carefully. After a while of her doing her job and keeping her nose out of their business, they began to ease up around the tiny princess who really was no threat to any of them or a fly. She enjoyed the feeling of a family even if it had some odd ducks that the group had. It made her feel more at home here, knowing she could turn to one or all of them if she needed too. It made her feel less like a stranger here, and more of a piece of the castles inner workings.

She rarely got called to Nobunaga’s private rooms in the lookout above the castle after she had turned his advances down. Tonight, was the exception and she wondered what it could be about. The day had grown to dusk, and she had long finished her chores for the day. After going back to her room where she was housed in the castle, she had worked on a few pieces and a new sketch when she realized the time. She knew he was a nonsleeper, so it wouldn’t bother him that she was a little late for whatever he had planned she hoped he wouldn’t try to make a move on her again and she doubted it was a visit for tea. Her worries about the night started a new as she went up to the stairs to his rooms. She finally made it to the top as her feet had become lead-based and very heavy as she went up those stairs. She hadn’t realized that her not wanting to go had become that much but she was at the top and she knocked at the door without hesitation at that point because running away was not really a valid option at that point.

“Come.”, He said at the knock knowing full well it was her on the other side of the door. He was in the middle of the room just sitting on the floor with surprisingly a teapot, and he motioned for her to join him. “Sit. Y/N.”

He rarely if ever called her princess knowing she really was not one, however, when in public he made sure everyone followed the protocol he had started when he gave her the title. “You have been here for some time now. Are you enjoying life in Azchui?”, he asked as he readied a cup for her as she took her seat across from him.

“Ah, Yes I am. It took a little while to get used to everything, but I think I have.”, She readily replied.

“Good. Good.”, He mumbled both things were not like him. He didn’t often care for someone’s else’s enjoyment. “And the people? They have been welcoming to you?”

“Yes, everyone had been nothing but kind to me.”, she smiled.

“So, you will be staying then?”, he abruptly asked.

“Wha—I have no choice really. I am stuck here for the time being as I can’t go back to my own time.”, she asked wondering if he was going to kick her out of the castle for some reason she didn’t know.

“Still with the time traveler story? I wish you would just tell me if no one else the truth of your origins.”, He said as he shook his head. She had a flash of bravery as she got up and walked out of the room as he was left staring as he heard her running down the stairs. He wondered if he had pushed her too far too fast, but it had been months since her arrival, and they still didn’t know where she was from, her story from being 500 years in the future was too credulous to believe. He was surprised to hear her footfalls again running back up the stairs as she came back into sight. She was caring the unusual bag she had on her first night when she saved his life from Kenyon’s attack at the temple. She almost through the satchel at him.

“Look inside.”, She said as she retook her seat. She watched him as he carefully opened the bag after some pulling on the zipper. She had decided long ago she was never going to show the warlords the contents of the purse, but she had had enough of the questioning looks and openly questioning where she was from. It was her only way of proving her point, and she wanted at least one person to believe her, it might as well be him. He began going through the bag lifting items one by one and examining them. He would look up at her with each one, and instead of answering his looks she let him explore further. He held her cell phone which had long been dead, and she had wished for a solar powered charger just, so she could look at the old photos she had on it. He was examining it closer and closer to his face.

“What is this?”, he finally asked.

“It is a cell phone. It allows you to talk to other people in my time.”, she said.

“Amazing… Simply amazing.”, He said as he then lifted an object and requested an explanation for each thing. It took a few hours to go over each item and what it was used for. He was in awe.

“Now do you believe me that I come from the future.”, she asked.

“I have no other choice than to believe you, Y/N. These items could not have been made here with what we know. Impossible.”, he said as he looked closer at her now as he reached out his hand to cup her face she smiled. “You really are impossible.”

“I am not impossible, Nobunaga. Just being here is something I never planned on, I just fell into a rabbit hole, and all of you were at the end of it when I landed, its kind of like a book in my time called Alice in Wonderland except in my case it is Y/N in the Sengoku.”, she laughed at her own joke.

“This changes everything.”, He said. She wondered what he meant but her eyes were growing heavy, and she stood bowed and picked up her bag as she made her way back to her room somewhat abruptly. He paced his floor wondering at her. She was so different than anyone of them, and now he really understood why she was. It was true, everything she had said was true. This was harder to believe that his dream of conquering Japan coming true.

She made it back to her room, and as she went into it, she was met face to face with another man. His bright blue eye was right before her as he opened the door for her to enter. She nearly had a heart attack as she first saw him. It would be like him to wait in her room as she was out for hours as she gently shook her head at him. “What are you doing here Masamune?”, She asked as she made her way past him into her room. She was slightly surprised as he shut the door with a click. As he turned his smile was lopsided, and his eyes had crinkled somewhat. He knew he was gorgeous and that nearly every lady in the town wanted a piece of him. He was a tiny more disconcerting though as he was a natural flirt, he brought every person around him to their knees.

“I came to see if you were back from your meeting with him. Also, to see if you were coming back from your meeting with him.”, he said.

“Meaning….. there was a bet? Wasn’t there? Who?”, she asked as her own face crinkled as she turned on him.

“No bet there kitten, but it wasn’t for lack of trying though. No one would take the bait. Everyone just agreed that if he really wanted you, you would have minimal choice in the matter.”, he said smiling.

“I always have a choice in the matter.”, she said softly.

“Hey, I was the one who said it wouldn’t happen. So, what did you talk about?”, He asked not really prying but genuinely caring. Masamune was one of the few people she had trusted from the start. It was some sort of magnetic pull he had that just made you like him, she thought.

“Well, he finally believes that I am from the future.”, she said somewhat proudly.

“What? How? Look kitten I like you and all, but the story is just that, right? A story.”, Masamune looked down into her eyes as she rounded him.

“No, it is not. It’s real. Here.”, She handed him the purse as she did Nobunaga and he had a bit more trouble opening the zipper. She undid the clasp and pulled the zipper slowly, so he could follow the action. She then handed the purse over to him. His eye had grown wide and curious as he started looking through the bag. He sat in the spot he was standing as she also sat down knowing that she was tired but had to let him see for himself. She didn’t understand why it was so crucial that out of everyone these two men were the most important to her, one because he was her boss, but she would also like to consider him a friend. Masamune was slightly different; he had been her friend from the minute he lifted her onto his horse the first night she had been in the Sengoku. She didn’t realize it then, but he had been watching over her since that day and in his own way making it easier for her to be accepted. He touched all the objects that were foreign to him, and he would look at everything holding one thing up and wordlessly ask what it was, she again explained everything to him.

He was intrigued at her. He had thoroughly believed he was right about her until that moment she undid the clasp to her bag. He knew everything he thought about her; basically she was too scared, to tell the truth of her origins, was a lie. A lie he had told himself, the one thing that held him back from opening himself to her entirely, was false. She really was from the future. His mind was reeling from the fact. Her items clearly showed they could not be made here in this time. He looked up at her when he was done. He really looked at her with his one good eye, and he saw her for what she was, a miracle. She was here in a time that was not hers trying her best to survive and get along and all she had faced she did with a smile on her face. He wasn’t sure if he would be smiling in the same circumstance. She was also tired, he saw. Her beautiful eyes were half open as the exhaustion of the day was clearly written on her face. He knew he so go, but he couldn’t make himself get up. He just moved closer to her as she laid her head on his shoulder and her eyes drooped even more. The gentle pressure of her head laying on him was just enough for him as he still needed time to process what she had revealed to him this night.

She woke up on her futon the next morning past dawn as her room was fully engulfed in light. She was facing the opposite of the windows so when she heard another soft snore she was shocked and tried to move but realized she was pinned to the futon by something, an arm perhaps? She wiggled and could feel a very well-defined body behind her. “kitten, stop moving and go back to sleep.,” he said low and gravelly with the deepness of sleep.

“Masamune! Get up.”, she exclaimed.

“Kitten it is a day off. Go back to sleep.”, he said.

“I can’t!”, She had finally managed to turn and face him. What she saw was absolutely breathtaking. He was gorgeous during the day when wide awake but him relaxed and still half asleep was beyond anything she had ever seen. This handsome man was laying in her bed, pinning her down for the most part, and he wanted her to go back to sleep with him holding her that way. It was unbelievable. What was he thinking?

He was nearly wide awake now, but he didn’t want to open his eyes. Somehow, he had fallen asleep sitting with her still on his shoulder. He dragged her to the futon and placed himself behind her as he pulled the covers over both. He didn’t want this to end, for him that was a considerable change, women, in general, were to be loved then forgotten. He couldn’t forget her; he wouldn’t. She had already changed him in ways he didn’t want to think about. It had been too long since he had a woman next to him for any period of time. He hadn’t even gone out of his way to flirt with any other woman since she arrived. She didn’t know that, and he himself had just realized it. He loved her, it had been instantaneous and blinding at first, but he knew that now, he would continue to change to protect her and keep her.

She was still trying to get up, and he kept his arm over her. When he finally smiled at her and slowly opened his eye she saw the look he couldn’t hide, it was blaring in that one perfect blue eye. The feelings he usually showed and the mischief he causes were overwritten with a burning passion at that moment. She was lost in it. “Y/N, will you stay with me today?”, He asked. He never called her by her name, so she was nodding as he held her close to him. His eye closed for a split second and then reopened as he lowered his head to give her the kiss to end all kisses in her mind. It clouded her mind for those few minutes, and she then opened her eyes to look at him with his sly smile that just grew. He wouldn’t say anything else as he just held her there, in the place she would now occupy next to him even if she didn’t know it yet. They just lay there both smiling as they came to the realization of what they would be together, what they felt for each other, and the love that filled the room and their hearts for each other. Nothing else mattered to them on that morning but each other.

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