Can we do another real talk?

I think we should for a second. I was just going over some pictures and stories and I noticed a pattern of comments. As a writer I beg and plead my followers to leave comments as feedback so I can improve as a writer however the simple comment, “What about (specific) character?” bothers many writers.

I understand everyone has their favorites. Not everyone, including the writer of a specific headcanon or fanfic, might not agree with that character. We know we left out some characters from certain things. There was probably a reason. Writing for a character you don’t like or don’t click with is hard. It can be torturous. Those comments can be detrimental to the author who just started. if you wish to add a character to the headcanon contact the author via the messaging system. If they can they will add the character, if not they will leave it alone. 

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