Ready pt 2


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I hope I did this tagging thing right lol.

  It had been days since she last saw him. She couldn’t help but let her mind wander as she sat looking up at the crescent moon hanging in the sky. Maybe she shouldn’t have said anything. She doesn’t want to let those dark thoughts cloud her mind. Then a new thought strikes her as she tilts her head sideways, a smile spreading across her face.

  He quietly places himself next her with an amused look. “I thought I might find you here. Just what are you doing?”

  “If you look at the moon just right, it looks as if the sky is smiling at you.” She couldn’t help the small laugh as she concluded how silly she must sound. Then she heard a sharp inhale from beside her. She glances back up to him. His shoulders shaking, a hand covering his mouth, eyes squeezed tight as he tried to resist the laugh building in his chest. Suddenly his head is thrown back laughing deeply.

  “I apologize, my little mouse, but only you could come with something so ridiculous.” His shoulders continuing to shake as he regains control of the laughter spilling from him. She couldn’t help but to laugh with him. It was a pretty childish thought she agreed.

  But she suddenly stiffened with her eyes going wide as she realizes.  My little mouse she thought. She turned to look at him directly. His eyes were staring straight back her with impossible softness, a genuine smile gracing his lips. She had to blink a few times unsure if her eyes were betraying her. She visibly shakes her head to clear her mind.

  “Your little mouse huh? Can’t say remember becoming yours Mitsuhide. Unless I just imagined you avoiding me the past few days?” Her confidence growing. She was determined to get a real answer from him for once. Weather she liked it or not.

  “You were the one that confessed your love for me before scurrying away” Mitsuhide spoke as he gently wraps his arm around her shoulders, pulling her in closer to him.

  She let out a small giggle as her face flushed with the sudden contact. “That I do remember but I don’t recall your response as to how you felt.”

  “You were gone before I had the chance.” He shrugs slightly. “But I do believe that I’m making it clear now, my dear.” He chuckled. She was sure even the people the palace could hear her heart pounding. As relief overcame her as his words washed away her doubt. She settled into him resting her head on his chest. Soaking in his warmth, trying to memorize every detail of this moment.

  He plants a small kiss atop her head while squeezing her into his arms just a little tighter. “You are mine just as I am yours.” He stated as if she wasn’t the only one he was trying to convince. She let out a deep sigh as she continued to relax further into his embrace. They stayed cuddled into one another enjoying the view of the night sky.

  From that night on they would meet at the same spot at the same time, or as close as Mitsuhide could manage with his schedule. The same bench in the gardens that she had been drawn to so many times before. If anyone thought to look out from that balcony they would see the two sitting together enjoying those sweet, carefree moments that they both had witnessed thinking that they were out of reach.

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