“Why are you making a bouquet from weeds?” Mitsuhide

He saw he in the field but couldn’t see what she was doing. She was bending down and then she would stand only to repeat herself every so often. He stalked up behind on quiet feet and watched closer.

“Why are you making a bouquet from weeds?” He asked out of the blue confirming she didn’t know he was there watching her. She turned and smiled.

“Good your here hold these.” She said as she placed the picked flowers in his hands. “They may be weeds Mitsuhide but they are my favorite flower.”

“They are? These common things?” He asked surprised.

“The fact they grow anywhere and with little help. In my time they grow in horrible places like the side of the road, and survive, thrive even says a lot for the common weeds. Plus they are just happy.” She replied.

He looked at her with a slight smile as she went back to work picking and handing them to him. He silently stowed that information in his mind for later.

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