Peaceful, Nobunaga

The air in his private apartments in the castle were simply peaceful as the sun set and people settled in for the night. As the light summers air held a hint of chill that ensured she would sleep well she glanced around in the low light of the few lanterns that were hit around the castle grounds.

She glanced at the man who was standing on the balcony and as she moved forward to join him only one word echoed in her mind, peaceful. As he wrapped his arms around her and she was enveloped within his protective grasp it was simply peaceful.

She found that the man was different then how historically protrayed. He was kind. He was loving. He was peaceful. That was all he wanted to bring, peace to everyone. The land was that at the moment. She sighed knowing that could change quickly here and now. She just let the peaceful night in the peaceful castle, with the man who wanted peace, be enough for tonight.

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