I have this “friend.”

I use this term extremely loosely. She was a neighbor at one point but we will use the term friend. I have known her since i moved back to Connecticut i have watched her have her children and she has waked mine grow up.

The problem you ask on why there is a separate post about this person. Well she is a friend when she wants to be. This move has never been a secret. When hubs retired we were alway going to move. She knew that. She knew whenhe had planned the move from the first moment in August.

Now she wants to be here to do something. She wants some of my old supplies. She has been calling and texting me for a week now because she wants to come over. This morning through facebook messenger she said she was going to pop in sometime today. I have the movers cominh i am not going to be able to bs with you. If she shows up i am going to scream.

You might be thinks this seems like a small problem and Kat you are really pushing it. Well see she doesn’t live here in town anymore, but she still owns the house down the street. She is here all the time to “help” another neighbor out but she could never stop by and do you what you need or wanted to do. Thisni have an issue with. Now i have to come accross as a cold hearted bitch and say “no you cannot come over cause i am seriously busy.” And she will whine and bitch on Facebook i am super mean.

Don’t be this friend.

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