Love in the woods

This one is slightly Nsfw. Oldie but goodie.

Princess, as she was called so lovingly by the members of her team, walked into the room which held all four teams and all sixty members. She thought to herself,“This should be wonderful news.” Can’t get any better then the orders that the whole group would be relocated to another base, across the country. She walled over to her normal area and waited as she noticed some of the men from green team were fooling around and the others. Green team was made up of ten guys all specialist in different fields, much like her own team of blue. She was the lone female on that side of the color spectrum where as yellow and red have quiet a few more.

The four joint commanders went to the front of the room and the main commander began,“New regulations have started for special teams. Do not start groaning. The military wants all of it’s special teams to go through trust exercises. For two weeks we will do these and follow the new rules but we will do it our style. We rented out the lake for two weeks. During the day we will use the courses they have and have mess in the main building, after that the lake is yours to use.”

Everyone groaned even though they were told not too. The commander went on, “Yellow and Red will be on one side of the lake Green and Blue on the other. The teams that work together will have to do the game together.”

She thought to her self,“freaking wonderful.”

“When?”, one of the red team asked.

“Everyone drive up there tonight. We will be there with a list of bunks and bunkmates.”

“Well we know Johnson will have her own cabin.”, bear stated. As the largest member of the blue team he was often paired up with Princess.

“Don’t be so sure. The number is even, bear.”, she stated. “Between blue and green. Ten of us ten of them.”

“So?”,Sanchez asked.

“Ten cabins on each side.”, she replied. “We are going to be paired up and probably with one of them.”

“They cool guys.”, Bettison replied.

She turned and walked out of the room to her office three floors above. The commander walked in ,“So this puts us in the middle of a quandary. What to do with you.”

“What do you mean what to do with me?”, she asked as she looked up.

“We could move on of the red team guys up and have you work with them for the two weeks.”,he stated.

“Why?”, she asked.

“Well Princess you know you may not be up to the physical part of the courses, not like the rest of the team.”, he callously said,“Plus wouldn’t you prefer to be with other females.”

“Not really, not those females. What the hell do you mean I can’t deal with the physical challenges?”

“You are the smallest and female. Do you really think you can keep up with them?”, he asked.

“Now you just want me to kick everyone’s ass don’t you?”, she asked without looking up at the pompous ass blocking her door way.

“Honestly I would like to see you try.”, he said as he turned around and walked out.

“Oh commander asshole there won’t be any trying involved.”, she said to herself. She finished up her work for the day and started to head to her house to pack for two weeks of fun. As she was leaving green and the rest of blue were in the parking lot meeting up and driving together.

“Princess don’t forget you bathing suit!”, Ortiz said.

“Why?”, she asked.

“Lake duh!”, he responded. She gave two thumbs up and wondered to herself if she even had a bathing suit. She got in her car and drove home to throw clothes into the ruck sack she used and three it in her car. She then went to go take a quick shower it was probably going to be the last one she enjoyed for awhile.

The drive out to the lake was about an hour long through a few mountains and even more forests. When she arrived she saw the main building and parked. She got out of the car and walked up and saw most of the green team and half of hers. They seemed to be looking over a sheet for pairings. When she walked up,“Not by yourself, Princess.”, Bear stated.

“Okay.”, she replied and waited for him to tell her who she was paired up with. After looking at him for what seemed to be five minutes,“Well?”

“Well what?”, Bear asked

“Who am I pared up with?”, she asked.

“Oh, Akechi.”, Bear replied.

“Akechi. Good. At least he is somewhat amusing.”, she said under her breath.

“I do try.”, Akechi said right in back of her.

“Damnit.”, she said. “Didn’t someone ever tell you not to sneak up on people?”

“You have.”, he stated,“ You fail to realized though that is how I learn so much of my information.”

“Well don’t do it to me.”, she said.

“Oh this will be a fun little trip.”, he stated as he waited standing in her way.

“Which cabin is ours?”, she asked.

“The furthest from here and the closest to the lake.”, he stated.

“You have the keys?”, she asked.

“Key. Yes i do. Ready to go so soon.”, he asked.

“I will wait at the cabin for you. Then.”, she said as she got i to her car and took off toward the cabin.

As she drove she wondered why fate had placed her with him. The one man she had been somewhat attracted too in her whole seven years with the team. He unnerved her to the point of frustration and the one who could make her feel things she tried to suppress hard. Now she had to share a cabin with him for two weeks. She was trying to put him out of her mind as he pulled up behind her as she was trying to see the road. The trees made is darker in this part before they opened up by the lake. When they got to the cabin he grabbed his bag out of the cab of his truck and she opened the hatch to her SUV and pulled hers out, just as she was about to swing it up he grabbed it and placed it on his other shoulder.

“"Akechi I can carry my own pack.”, she said surprised.

“I figured as much, Johnson.”,he stated as he continued to walk on. He opened the screen door and waited for her to walk through.

“Such a gentleman.”,she said as she chuckled.

“I do, have moments.”, he replied. As he unlocked the door and walked in. He seemed to disappear into the rooms and came back chuckling, “I would like to know, Johnson who you pissed off?”

“Excuse me?”, she asked.

“First you get stuck with the likes of me, in this far away cabin. Then this.”, he said still chuckling. “There is only one bed, no couch or even a recliner chair.”

“Oh.”, she stated.“ Your commander I would assume.”

“And why ever would he do this to you?”, Akechi asked.

“He wanted to switch me to red team for this, he thought I would prefer the easiness of that.”, she replied. “He probably thinks I will go running and beg to switch.”

“Will you?”, Akechi asked.

“If he thinks I will he is sadly mistaken. I’ve done eight months in a tent with eight guys the size of this room. A one bedroom cabin is heaven compared to that, I don’t know why he would you as a punishment though. You are different but hardly evil.”,she said.

“Shows how much you know.” ,he said with a chuckle. “Ready to hike back to the mess?”

“I’m good.”,she stated.

“You’re not eating?”, he asked.

“No. Like I said Im good.”,she replied. “Go ahead.”

He walked out and began his hike to the mess hall and she went to sot on the porch. She didn’t want to see anyone or hear the jokes about her rooming with Akechi. She liked him though sometimes he was unlikable. She understood him and his job better then most. Though sometimes he was a bit to serious she didn’t mind. She laid her head back on the chair and just looked over the water and relaxed. He came back an hour later with food for her.

“You do need to eat.”, he said as he handed her the plate and walked inside. She thought to herself, “This punishment might be good after all.” With a smile she ate some of everything he had brought back for her.

“Don’t like spicy?”, he asked as he saw what she had left on the plate.

“Peppers. I’m allergic to them.”, she stated.

“I didn’t know.”, he replied.

“Not many people do.”, she said laughing. “I only know because my mother made our favorite dishes for our birthdays, one of my brothers dish was stuffed peppers. I would go hungry that night. I came to the realization that being hungry was a hundred times better then being itchy.”

“So it’s a mild reaction?”, he asked.

“Depends on the pepper. Sweet peppers make me itch like crazy. Mild ones the hives are worse, really spicy one like habinos or ghost peppers i have a real reaction that i need an epipen and benedryl. One of the jackasses on my team spiked my food once not believing the allergy was real.”

“That was not smart.”, he stated. “Which one?”

“I’m not really sure, but if i have to guess it was Ortiz or Sanchez.”, she said.

“Well my dear what do you wish to do?”, he asked.

“Hmm?”, she hummed her question.

“It is now time to get ready to go to sleep.”, he said. They both stared at each other then the bedroom.

“We are both adults Akechi, I think we can sleep in the same bed for a few nights.”, she said swallowing any ideas her brain might get.

“Call me Mitsuhide then if we should sleep together, princess.”, he said she didn’t quite catch the hiccup in his voice nor did she look up at him.

“Kit.”, she said.

“Kit what?”, he asked perplexed.

“My name.”, she said.

“Your name is Kit?”, he asked.

“See why everyone calls me Princess?”, she said laughing pulling out a pair of sleep pants and a tee shirt.

“I don’t see the correlation between the two.”, he stated as she called out from the bathroom.

“There isn’t one. I got the nickname princess in Africa. It stuck unfortunately it was a step up from kitkat which i heard my entire life.”, she said as she walked out. ,“At least the bed is a queen. Not a double.”

“Small mercies.”, he said as he switched places with her. When he came out he was in a pair of shorts. Her mouth went dry as she hopped in the bed and closed her eyes. It was going to be a long night.

The next day the first set of courses were run and everyone was beat by the end. In the hall she sat down and she over heard the conversation that the females of red and yellow were having about everything including her. As the comments got cattier she got up and dumped her food and left the building bumping into Nobunaga and Masamune, literally, on the way out. She walked to the cabin in the dark and changed quickly from her work clothes and headed down to the lake. She found a fallen tree that jutted into the lake. She thought that would be perfect. She walked along the trunk of the tree and then she sat down. She wanted the solitude and then she decided to try her agility. She was doing flips and landing them when he spotted her.

He had watched her leave the Hall and saw she was hiding being upset about something. When Nobunaga and Masamune had asked him what her deal was he had no clue, she had been fine during the courses and even came in the top three times. When he left the hall after trying to excuse himself it was full dark. He got to the cabin and didn’t find her there. Her clothes were but she was not. Panic slightly set in as he walked around the cabin and he could not see her still. The night before had been torture for him sleeping next to her, the tiny female who captured his attention the first time he saw her. He had lived in his personal hell for two years watching her daily but never wanting to taint her pureness. How could he touch someone like her? He had asked himself that every day for the past years.

A flash caught his eye and so he went towards it. It was her stretching on a fallen tree. He could breathe a little easier just seeing her. He was slightly amazed by her skill.

He was still over heated from the day and decided that a swim wouldn’t be that bad right now. He walked around to the side she wasn’t facing and stripped down to his boxers. He entered the water quickly and quickly. He came up to the tree and said, “Kit you should come kn the water.”

“What the?”, she said as she over balanced and tipped in to the water. She came to the surface spitting water out. “Mitsuhide!”

“I didn’t expect an entrance like that though he said chuckling. “I’m glad,however that you can swim.”

“I can swim yes. Do I like to swim no.”, she said as he moved closer.

“Then my apologies, my dear.”, he said still chuckling, “I couldn’t resist myself.”

“It’s fine Mitsuhide, it just fits the day.”, she said.

“Oh really?”, he asked. As he finished she yelped at jumped up right into his arms and against him. He raised his eyebrow as his hands went under her legs which had wrapped themselves around him.

“Something swam passed my leg. It nipped me.”, she said.

“The fish must think your a delectable treat.”, he said as his voice lowered slightly.

“You can get go now.”, she said.

“Why ever would I do that?”, he asked. “The fish shouldn’t be the only one to taste you.”, he said softly.

“What?”, she asked. His mouth was on her neck as he ran his tongue of her pulse point. “Mitsuhide.”, she croaked embarrassingly.

“Yes, the fish were right.”, he said. “Delectable is correct, like sweet candy.” He continued at her neck and she found herself pushing her chest against him. He groaned and she moaned as his fingers dug deeper lowering her slightly from her perch against him. She felt his arousal as he tried to lift her again but it was to late, she knew. “We should go back to the cabin.”, he whispered.

“Yes. We should.”, she answered back softly not trusting her voice. They went out where he got in and he looked down at her body silhouetted through her wet clothes and he was hoping she didn’t look at his, she always effected him this way. He could have lived forever without her knowing or doing what he had just done. He knew he was done for as her eyes widened slightly and then softly smiled.

He rushed her into the cabin and looked at her as they stepped over the threshold of the door. He stood still trying to read her. She looked up into his eyes.

“You should get out of those clothes.”, he said.

“You too.”, she replied. She watched him swallow a few times and then swallow hard. He went to clear his throat as he was going to suggest a warm shower she saw look in his eye turn from wanting to control again. She turned from him with a look of pain in her eyes when she took his lack of words as lack of desire. She walked into the bathroom and stripped her clothes off and turned the water on for the shower. He heard her make a sound like a sob. His reservation shattered like a glass pane as he heard that, the water had changed and he could tell she had got in. He stood there for one more second and then went in himself. When he dropped his pants and boxers he stepped in the back end of the shower to he found her facing the other way leaning on the wall silent sobs racking her. He touched her back and she turned around and stepped in to his arms. He was almost taken back by the contact of her soft skin against him but his arms came around her.

“Sweetheart what is wrong?”, he asked.

“I thought even you didn’t like me.”, she sobbed.

“No sweetheart.”, he said.

“ What?”, she asked.

“Sweetheart I like you. I want you so bad this happens every time I see you.”, he said taking her hand and moving it to his hardened cock. “Every time.”

“Every time?”, she whispered.

“Every god damn time.”, he said as he moved to her neck. He picked her up and held her there. His fingers gripping tightly around her thighs. He knew he wasn’t a gentle man nor was he small.

“You want this?”, Akechi asked.

“Yes.”, she whispered.

“Thank god.”, he whispered and he brought her out to the bed. He touched her soft, silky body everywhere. She moaned at his touch, he held back his groan. She was now panting as his finger entered her, clutching at the bed he watched as just his finger threw her over the edge. As her body relaxed he crawled over and kissed her. It was a kiss unlike another other for either of them. She whispered,“ Fuck me Mitsuhide.”

“Oh no my sweet. I will not Fuck you.”, he said. “I will make love to you.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist. As he slid in. He groaned at the feeling of her stretching around him as he entered her body. Inch by inch he filled her as she moaned and arched inviting him in deeper. He moved slowly never taking his mouth off hers. He began rocking back and going in and out. He set the pace and she met him at every thrust. He felt her build up and so close to the edge. She went over the cliff and he followed filling her with his heat. He collapsed and then rolled off her. Bring her close to him as he held her close.

“You’re mine now, Princess.”, he whispered.

“Good.”, she whispered as she fell asleep.

When the pair woke up at daybreak in each other’s arms.

“We have time, my love.”, he whispered against her lips.

“Again?”, she asked.

“Again.”, he whispered.

The pair finally made it to the hall to eat, both eating a full plateful and garnered looks from everyone in the hall. As they walked to the courses they were met with being partners again on the ropes. They found partnership in both a personal level and professional they could blow the rest of the teams away.

As everyone finished and made plans to go swimming. She and he went back to the cabin and met everyone at the beach. The other females from red team were already there flirting with everyone in the water. As Mitsuhide got in and was waiting for her as she took her over clothes off and one of the women swam over and tried to wrap herself around him. Princess looked up and saw as she ripped her shirt off and she hopped in the water and swam towards him.

“I’m sorry thats mine.”,she said softly as she moved closer. The woman looked up.

“What I don’t see a ring saying that.”, she replied. “Don’t you have some slides or viruses to look at?”

“Yes of course i do. We are in the middle of the freaking woods. Let me whip out a microscope.”, Princess said.

“It is the only thing you’re good at hun.”, the other woman said snidely.

“At least I’m good at something hun.”, princess replied. During this Mitsuhide had moved around the other woman and placed himself right behind princess. His hands on her shoulders and moving down as the rest of the people began to arrive. “Go try with some other guy, hun. This one is mine.”

“If i want him he will be mine. If you think you can have that, you’re funny.”, the woman stated.

“Really?”, Princess asked. “You do realize he is a person right? Not an object.”

“Do you even know how to please a man, princess?”, she asked.

“That one I can confirm.”, Akechi stated with a sick grin. “As for the rest, I assure you being a bitch is a real good way never to get what you want. As for me, I have all I want right here.”

“Akechi I wanna go back to the cabin.”, princess stated flatly.

“So go.”, the other woman replied.

“Let’s go.”, Mitsuhide said. “That’s why you were upset last night.”

“Yeah.”, she replied as she grabbed her clothes.

“Let’s get you out of that wet bikini. I’d prefer you only wear that on our private swims.”, he whispered in her ear.

“Show me.”, she said.

“I plan to, all night”, he said picking her up swinging her in his arms.

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