A gods kindness

She was wondering in an open field near Kasugayama castle to which she had been brought along for reconnaissance and then promptly left behind. It was a beautiful sunny day, and she could see no reason to stay at the inn and wait for them to return which would be hours from now. She knew she couldn’t be seen by her friend Sasuke, the trusty ninja or by his friend Yuki who was the famed lead vassal to Shingen the sworn enemy to her friends and Sasuke worked for Kenshin the other sworn enemy. If either saw her, they would figure out what she was doing here and then feel obligated to report to their Lords. It would cause a fight if her friends were found out not even an argument but a bloodbath and she would be the cause. Instead of taking that chance she opted for a walk in the open fields they passed through on the way to the castle’s town. She hoped she wouldn’t see either even though she liked both of them very much.

She let the day drift on as she enjoyed the freedom of the open field she could relax and enjoy the sun. She was close to drifting off when a white rabbit appeared out of nowhere. The rabbit hopped right up to her and didn’t jump away as she reached down to pet it. She sat there with the rabbit as a few more showed up. Then a few more. Soon she was surrounded by a fluffle of rabbits. She was enjoying them and even playing around with them as a man came out of the forest on the edge. He watched as the rabbits who had made the castle their home hopped and played with the lone woman in the middle of the field. As he moved closer, he saw she was the friend of his ninja, but surely it couldn’t be her as she was just a seamstress in Azuchi. “Umi!”, he called, and one rabbit lifted its head.

“Go back to the castle, now.”

The girl knew that voice. She didn’t have even to turn around. If she did, she would be looking at one of the perfect men she had ever set eyes in, however beautiful he was he was cold and inhuman in his lust for war. Kenshin Uesugi was standing behind her.

“You! Girl, turn around.”, dread turned to panic as she did.

“Yes?”, she asked as she turned.

“I know you, your Sasuke’s friend. A seamstress, correct?”


“What are you doing here near Kasugayama?”, He asked. His eyes blue and green raked over her.

“My brothers brought me along as they needed to do something here. They thought it would be a nice getaway.”, she replied hoping he could not see her lie.

“Your brothers left you? Alone? Here? To conduct business?”, he seemed baffled which was unlike his god-like image. “That is unacceptable. You will come with me to the castle. You can send word to your brothers to meet you there as I would like to have a few words with them.”

“That is not necessary. I will go back to the inn And wait for them.”, She quickly replied. The bloodbath she had tried to avoid would most definitely begin if her “brothers” had to pick her up at the castle.

“I know it is unnecessary however your brothers need to be taught a lesson. They should never leave a beautiful woman left to roam by herself.”, he stated simply,“Woman are just too weak to be left alone for very long.”

Her heart had been lifted when he called her beautiful however he had to ruin that feeling so soon.

“Come on.” He said.

“No really, I can’t go with you. I will find them, and we will be gone.”

“Nonsense. I said we are going to the castle, now”, he was becoming irritated with her. She hung her head low and started to follow him. Surprisingly the rabbits all started to follow as well. Kenshin has pet rabbits? The idea that the god of war had a soft spot for fluffy bunnies was too much for her as she let a giggle out.

“Whats so funny?”, he asked over his shoulder.

“Are these rabbits yours?”, she asked.

“No. They just live at the castle.”, he said.

“You called one by name.”, she replied.

“So what?”, he asked.

“Oh, nothing.”, she shrugged and internally laughing as hard as she could.

He was leading her and the fluffle of bunnies through the castle town where she spotted Hideyoshi who was staring directly at her in shock. She looked forward and then back then shook her head. Hideyoshi was about to come forward to grab her when she motioned with her hand to stop, and Masamune who had his head ducked looked up, and his mouth dropped, but he did manage to stay Hideyoshi’s forward action. Masamune nodded to her and smiled. A sign they would figure out a way to get her. She knew this would not be a good thing.

When they arrived at the castle, Kenshin ordered the rabbits to their area and led her to a waiting room to which she was met face to face with her friend Sasuke. He was recently shocked to see her as she was him. Shingen at the same time had moved throughout the room. “An angel sent to us by the heavens.”, He said. She was trying very hard not to fall into his deep brown eyes.

“Oh please. Save your stupid pick up lines.”, kenshin said to Shingen.

“I have told you many times they aren’t pick up lines.”, shingen returned.

“Can you speak to a woman without the words goddess, angel, or flower?”, kenshin asked.

“Not when every woman I meet is a goddess, an angel, or flower it is just speaking the truth.”, Shingen replied. “Do you know how to speak to a woman period? Instead of ordering her about?”

“Why would I want to?”, Kenshin asked, and with that, he left the room. He left her with the two other men who looked at him moving and her. They both openly stared at her like why was she there. She smiled.

“He just brought me to the castle to have a look around.”, she said as she turned and then said,“I have looked I think I should be going.”

She walked out of the room and down the castle stairs as fast as she could. She had to find Hideyoshi and Masamune before something terrible happened. She luckily ran right into them as she descended. She grabbed both on her way and pulled. The two men were shocked but followed her. “We need to go, now!”

Kenshin went back into the room he had left her in and was surprised when she was no longer there. He then searched the entire castle for her. Where did she go? He hoped that she was not with Shingen as he wished the girl had better taste than to fall for lame pick up lines. He was becoming more frenzied as time went on. He ran into Shingen in the hallway, “where is she? If you touched her, I would kill you!”

“She left. Hours ago.”, Shingen replied casually.

“She did what?”, he sounded confused even to himself,“then I will kill her!”

He took off down the same route as she did into the busy marketplace. He went to the two inns he thought she would have stayed at, but neither recognized her description. He went to the market and looked around; there was no sign of her there either. Where was the girl?

His anger at her leaving was subsiding, and confusion and panic were taking their place. She was just a woman. He kept thinking to himself however he could not get the slip of a female out of his mind. He turned and spotted three people on horseback at the edge of town. The two men looked familiar, but at a distance, he could not be sure of who they were. She was in the middle of the two on her own horse. Her head lifted and looked directly at him. She said something to her brothers that Kenshin could see as they both headed off for a place in the distance. Kenshin was livid again for her brothers had no care about her safety. He was walking toward her as she hopped off the horse to met him.

“You left.”, He stated.

“I saw my brothers and joined them.”

“They left you again! I should take their heads.”

She smiled at that. It had been a long time since a woman smiled at him softly.

“I told them to go ahead a bit so I could thank you for caring about my safety.”, She said,“If they met you they would say or do something and well… I don’t want to hate you.”

She reached up and kissed his cheek. His hand covered the spot she had touched.

“Goodbye Kenshin.”, She said as she hopped back on the horse. He watched as she rode off still holding his cheek. He saw the three join back up as they rode off.

He walked back to the castle a little sad she had left however he had her friend. He went to Sasuke and ordered him to tell him everything he knew about her. Sasuke did, leaving out one huge fact.

Sasuke was sent to deliver a message to Yukimura a week later. He also had another delivery to make, so he paid a small sum to three older children to deliver the few packages to the castle for the Princess. Who accepted them with a smile. She went to her room to open them and was surprised at the collection of hair pieces in her favorite colors, new kimonos that were in the most expensive of silks, also fabric of all kinds with all the other sewing things she might want or need, and last a soft bundle at the bottom of the pile. It was like a pillow in the shape of a rabbit; she knew then who had sent this to her. She sat and stared fondly and placed one of the new kimonos on. Her smile grew, and she knew the god of war did have a heart after all.

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