Mitsuhide with a deaf mc?

They knew she was different. She never reaponded to their questions and they mostly believed it mist be from the tramua of whatever put her in their path. She didn’t seem to realize they were talking to her unless she was standing in front of them and looking at them as well.

She was delivering packages to the different warlords when she was almost done, only one left when she got to his house. She liked the maids there. They seemed to understand she was different and showed her kindness as they offered her snacks and drinks. “Ah it is the indifferent princess.” Mitsuhide said as he walked in to the small parlor the maids had taken her too.

“My lord you do realize she cannot hear like we do?” One of the older maids said as she stood.

“What?” Mitsuhide stood there shocked that he missed a detail like that.

“She is deaf, my lord. She cannot hear at all.” Said another maid.

“That explains so much.” He whispered to himself.

He reached down his hand to the princess after he moved in front of her and she looked at him and smiled. He helped her up and towards another room to hand over the stack of letters she had from him. He looked at her and spoke slowly as she followed with her eyes on his mouth. When he was done she smiled and nodded.

“We can communicate.” He said to himself. She smiled even brighter and nodded. “Are there other ways?”

She moved her hands and he saw she was talking but without using words. Her hands spoke for her.

“Would you teach me?” He asked and she nodded. They spent countless hours walking together and she would teach him different words with his hands. Soon the two could talk back and forth. The princess was so happy to have someone who could understand her. Mitsuhide was happy because the other warlords still took her as indifferent to them and he could have her to himself. She never knew he placed a secret guard around her so even if she couldn’t hear a danger she would be protected.

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