How would the warlords react if they find out that MC has a tattoo on her back?

Heya I have answered this a long time ago. Here is the head canon I did for this. All of my headcanons can be found on wattpad under the headcanons book user name kthomas325.

I find people’s reactions to tattoos somewhat hilarious, as they have changed over my lifetime a great deal. When I was small, it was still a taboo to openly show them publicly and even as far as my own mother swearing to disown one of her children if we got them. However, she didn’t disown us or more specifically me when I accidentally forgot to wear socks one day with shorts, and she saw the one on my ankle. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation at all, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few more including one to honor her memory and my heritage. Now they are accepted without question.


As she got of out of her bath he noticed the mark on her lower back again, it was apparently a picture of something, but he didn’t know what. He had seen it before but never let the question linger in his head for too long as he always wanted to move on to something else than to dwell on the picture on her back. Today he wanted to dwell on the image as he walked up surprising her as he turned her around to look more closely at the small of her back. She laughed as he touched it and asked what it was, she told him a tattoo and then had to describe the process in detail to him. He had so many questions which took half the night for him to be content with her answer finally.


Though he noticed the design on her back, he never said anything, but after a drink or two, he started to wonder about the weird mark. When she explained, he didn’t understand the desire to hurt one’s self for the sake of having it. However he like gazing at it in the mornings because he knew no one else would see it.


He straight up ask’s her the first time he sees it. It intrigues him, and he likes hearing about it, and the modern world that can do this type of thing without too many risks involved. He loves the design because it is a part of you.


He loves it. He loves everything about her and the fact only he can see it is a beautiful thing to him. He is more openly curious about the process and the meaning of the design as he whats to know every detail about her. The fact there is a large blue symbol on her back doesn’t bother him in the least he just wants to keep it from the view of anyone else.


He is slightly confused the first time he saw it, like why would she marr her perfect porcelain skin? However, when he ask’s her about it he could see the conviction she had about the design. He felt an overwhelming sense of pride that he was the only who would ever see it here and late at night or early in the morning when the two of you are alone he will trace it with his finger lightly marking it as his and his alone to see.

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