A frustrated “join the club” with Masamune

She was tired and there always seemed to be more to do. Always something for someone left on her plate. She was dragging as she walked around the town one last time to drop off or pick up letters to carious people.

By the time she got to Masamune’s palace she was near dead on her feet. “Lass why are you so tired?” He asked.

“There is always something left to do. Im trying to get it all done today.” She replied.

“Well I still have to go to the castle. Nobunaga called another counsel.” Masamune said as he stretched and then headed for the castle with the princess by his side.

“What I could use is a trip to the hot springs.” Masamune said to the air.

“A vacation would be nice.” She said as she tried to smile.

As the pair continued on their way four more vassals also showed themselves nearby as they made their way to the castle. As they got close she saw Nobunaga who beckoned her, “I need this, and this, and this tonight please.”

“I think a vacation is definitely in order but I don’t see how you will ever get away.” Masamune laughed.

“Join the club!” She said as she went to fetch what her boss needed and then maybe she could sleep and dream about a vacation that she would never take.

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