I really love your blog. Can I request a headcanon for the Oda forces and KU+ST forces for when MC loves animals and casually adopts injured ones and keeps them in the castle? Thanks! I’m so sorry if requests are closed, please forgive me

Hehehe this is me…. when my husband was deployed He cane back to 120 rabbits then another time he came back to three alpacas.

He looks at her as she walks up the path to the castle. He wonders at the fact she always comes back with something new, always alive. Where was she going to keep them all? When was she going to have time for him?

He was reaching his limit. The animals were completely taking over his palace. He needed more room for them.

He likes animals as well. However his tiger wanted to eat them all so he had to keep everything separated. It was becoming work. How was he going to transport all of them to Oshu?

Half heartedly jokes about their emergency food supplies and that brings her to tears. He swears he won’t eat anything of hers. She continues to care for them and it makes her happy so what the hell?

He doesn’t mind. He tries to remember they are there. He does wonder about all the time she spends with them and is slightly jealous.

So my pet loves her pets? He sees it as a way for her to keep busy when he is way. He builds a shed for her to keep them. He will do anything to keep her happy.

My bunnies were not enough? This cat hates the rabbits. He finds himself at a loss for actions. He wants to support you but the animals are taking too much of your time.

He likes that you like animals. When he rebuilds his lands he will be working with the people and finds it heartening that you will be as well. He makes time to help and shows you new things you didn’t know.

Same as Shingen. Though he doesn’t like the time away from you so much.

He is glad that you found something to make you happy. Not happy that they aren’t in the future where vets and such are to make owning them easier.

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