Morning resend since asks are disappearing! I don’t know if it counts as a five minute prompt or not but: Mitsuhide agrees that, in return for continuing his relentlessly merciless teasing, he has to tell you at least one honest thing a day. One day, out of the blue, he says, “stay with me forever”.

The agreement between the two made it so they had to spend at least five minutes together everyday. He had been a master in twisting bothnof their words to make sure she would agree to at least that much. He teased her every chance he got, some times to the point of tears. His side of the bargain ge woukd give her one thing either a statement to bring some clarity on something going on around them or he would tell her one thing about himself.

The day was long but ahe still managed to make time for him. She walked i to his palace and straight for his rooms. He didn’t quite look like himself on this day. His normally pale complexion had a hint of color. He had done something today or he was getting sick, she thought to herself.

He pulled her to him as he sat. “ Mouse are ready for your daily present?”

“I am here Mitsuhide.” She quickly said.

“Stay with me forever.” He said as his eyes closed to her surprise. She touched his forehead which was burning up with a fever. She went to get the supplies to take care of him.

“Of course he would confess something like that when he is sick!” She said with a smile, “Maybe i can get to know the real man instead of the one he shows everyone.”

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