How about… Mitsuhide, singing? :”>

Omg my dream❤️❤️❤️❤️😜😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mitsuhide thought he was alone in the back of hisnpalace. He had listened to her, the oda princess, so many times he had the foriegn song stuck in his head. It was not a song he understood but she always had a smile on her face as she was humming it or singing it. Though she often went on and in about it being the most annoying thjng in the world but she just continued a few minutes later.

He was going through the words when she walkednout of the shadows nearly in Tears laughing. “Mitsuhide only you can make that stupid song sound good.”

“Come here and sing it with me then so it is even better.”, he said with a smile and his deep voice resonated around them.

“Baby shark do, do do do…..”

(Okay I could have picked any song but I seriously have this stuck jn my head nearly 20 hours a day. My kids outgrew the fad so gs from the wiggles, backyardigans, dora but my nephews who live next door are just hitting this fun age. My 1 year old nephew goes by the nickname baby shark or sharkie because it is his favorite song and we have to sing it or play it to get him to stop trying to bite his brothers.)

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