Dunno if this one was done, but I assume there wasn’t many obese or overweight folks in the Sengoku period, so how do you think the Warlords would react to an MC who’s now fit but has a lot of stretch marks, or maybe even loose skin?

I have to start this one with a bit of info. Stretch marks can happen damn near to anyone. You don’t necessarily have to be a bit overweight nor pregnant to get them. They are just a way of the skin stretching.


He would be amazed with the marks on your hips. Though a faint purple and can also be an angry red. He would look at them as she undressed and be amazed at the stories she told him of why they were there.


He wants to make sure they don’t hurt now. They look like they hurt. He will look at them and make sure they don’t change to much. Often bringing you to a fit of laughter. You know he has never seen anything like them before and he is just looking out for you.


He knows and has seen them before but nevernin someone he cares about. It isn’t anything more than something he can study for the future. He will try different herbs and lotions to help them fade. He makes sure that you know he only wants the best for you.


There is something different about you? Where?

He doesn’t care.


He spots the angry looking marks and begins to study them as he looks for mentions in text books for the same marks. Even when you explain he wants to make sure they can not really hurt you. He helps every night to lotion your skin and keep them from getting worse.


He will trace them with his finger tips. He doesn’t care about the marks or the loose skin. It is you. He may tease you about nearly everything but not this. These are his private marks on your body. You accept him with all his scars he excepts you for yours as well.

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