Warlords reaction to MC speaking other languages when she gets angry

I did this one early one in my writing for the fandom. I took it off tumblr awhile back. you can see my other headcanons and one off on wattpad user name kthomas325


• She is looking annoyed again

• Asking her again to warm my bed was probably not the right thing to do

• Her face is red but not with embarrassment

• What if I?

• What was that?

• What did she say?

• Wow! She is screaming words I don’t know.

• She seems done

• “What in the world Princess?”

• She says it is her native language

• Holy hell that was hot

• When she is feeling better, I will ask her to teach me


• Why is she talking like that?

• She seems mad, but I can not understand her

• If I stand here and nod my head maybe she will stop

• She stops what I think is mid-word and looks up at me

• She laughs

• She then explained she WAS mad but forgot and was yelling in her native language

• I kind of liked it

• She hit my arm when I said that


• She looks like she wants to play

• She is sooooooo peaceful right now

• Why is she glaring at me?

• That’s not a happy face

• Maybe if I tickle her, I can get her to smile

• What the?!?!?

• What is she saying?

• It sounds horrible

• Wow she can get loud

• Word word word

• If I look at her perplexed, maybe she will stop

• Nope

• Finally, she’s done

• I think

• “Kitten, what were you saying?”

• “Its best if you don’t know,” she replied

• Was she speaking her native language?

• Does she speak more than one?

• Ohhhhh I want her to teach me

• But only a few things


• So I asked her not to bother me right now

• She got that look

• I hate that look

• Now she is ignoring me

• Wonderful

• “I didn’t mean it that way.”

• What is that?

• What is she saying?

• It’s loud

• Wow her hands move fast too

• What is she saying?

• Will she ever stop?

• Finally, she stopped

• “Princess what did you say?”

• “Oh, nothing much.”

• Sure seemed like something

• “So umm you can speak another language?”

• She nods

• “Will you teach me?”

• She shook her head smiling


• I know I was supposed to do something

• Why is it dark now?

• Why is she in here glaring at me?

• What did I forget to do?

• Oh no she looks furious

• As I start to speak she cuts me off with words, I don’t know

• A new language?

• Can she speak a different language?

• She doesn’t seem happy

• She sounds super mad

• I still like the sound of it though in her voice

• Wow she is taking a really long time

• “Princess you speak another language! That is brilliant!”

• She looks surprised

• “Can you please teach me some?”

• She stares at me blank faced

• A smile appears on her beautiful face

• “No”

• What?!?!?

• And she turned away.


• Here is the sweet daft princess is in the garden all alone

• As I creep up on her to surprise her

• I speak, and she jumps

• “Ouch!”

• I see the drop of blood on her finger as she must have pricked herself with a sewing needle

• She turns around to face me with narrowed eyes and starts yelling at me

• What that isn’t Japanese

• What is that?

• She can speak in another tongue?

• Since when?

• Even thou I know she is mad Her voice with these foreign words sounds beautiful

• I think she is finally done

• “Why Princess I had no idea you spoke another language.”

• She huffs

• “It sounded beautiful as you spoke, I assume they must have been words only for me?”

• Her face turns a light shade of pink

• “Maybe you should teach me some of this language so I can understand them.”

• “Nope”


• She is mad

• Why is she mad?

• Really what did I do now?

• She is yelling at me

• At me?

• What is she saying?

• I don’t understand her

• Why is Sasuke laughing?

• He never laughs

• “Halt woman! What are you saying?”

• She stopped and glared

• “You speak another language?”

• “Yes!”

• She walks away still speaking in it


• She looks unhappy

• I know I forgot she had a plan for tonight and I am late

• She looks up, and I see she isn’t unhappy she is MAD

• “I am sorry my goddess but—”

• She stands up and starts yelling

• Wait! What is she saying?

• She is speaking so fast and differently

• What the ?!?!!!

• “Angel? What are you saying?”

• She gets louder, and her hands are flying everywhere

• She finally looks like she is calming down

• “Angel?”

• She looks up

• “You can speak another language?”

• Yes

• “You must teach me, my love.”

• “Nope.” And she laughed “never.”


• I know I should have sent word that I would be late

• She is outraged

• Like super red-faced mad

• It’s quite cute

• Wait what is she saying?

• She is now in my face yelling, and I have no idea what she is saying

• Seriously she is super cute when she is mad

• I don’t even care that I don’t understand her

• I want to hug her now

• Her hands come to my shoulders and shake me

• That’s adorable

• I have to kiss her now

• “So dummy? You speak another language?”

• Probably not the smartest thing to say

• She looks even madder now

• Damn I can’t kiss her now

• I will just wait until I can

• It’s so cute that she can speak another language

• Think battle formations

• She is finally done

• She looks up only to find herself in a hug

• Shaking her head, she looks tired now


• I didn’t know she spoke another language

• However, I probably should have guessed as she isn’t Japanese

• She is rather upset with me for the accidental ground spike I left outside her door

• I will tend to her foot after she is done

• Wow she can go along time without breathing

• Whatever she said that doesn’t sound pleasant

• “So Princess How many words can you say without breathing?”

• Oh no that set her off again

• Again I think she is winding down

• “I would like to tend to your foot but only if you are done yelling at me.”

• And she is off again

• I don’t think this is a good situation

• I will just have to wait

• Sit here and wait

• At least the ground spikes work well

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