Still doing 5 minute prompts? “You’re wound up tighter than a girdle at a Baptist potluck.” MC to Hideyoshi. Can I just say the potential for Southern MC with southern idioms is a potential we as a community should not be sleeping on

Now I agree with that and I will have to work on that. I have a personally unusual upbring as I grew up in the north east where my father is from but had a very southern mother. I grew up saying y’all and fixing like no tomorrow and I grew up saying all the southern sayings these yankees I grew up with had no idea what i was saying! I had an accent in the state of no accents which made me stand out even more.

“Why you acting like that?” She asked with her southern drawl. As she noticed Hideyoshi nearly glaring at Mitsuhide after war counsel.

“What do you mean?” He asked as he leaned closer to hear her.

“You’re would tighter than a griddle at a baptist potluck!” She replied.

“I have no idea what that means.” He replied completely confused at her sayings.

“Bless your heart. It means you’re worked up.” She said with a soft smile.

“He got me going again.” Hideyoshi said in defeat.

“Well he could start an argument in an empty house, don’t let him get ya.”, she said as she smiled and walked away and poor Hideyoshi looked after her. He wondered if he would ever understand her.

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